Dying Your Hair While Pregnant

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joleenb - February 28

h__lo all, i'm pregnant for the 2nd time, first one ended in m/c in november. i am 5w6d right now. i have my 1st u/s on the 7th....i have a hair appt scheduled for this saturday, cut/color and pratice updo. my wedding is actually on the 15th of march. i've read that you need to be cautious about the chemicals that you're around. i'm wondering if it's a well ventilated area and i just do it this one time...is it safe??


BeckyBunny - February 28

Dying your hair is perfectly safe, HOWEVER, it is not recommended during t he first trimester simply because for some reason, due to the hormones in our body, the color does not hold. One of the same reasons you can't get a tattoo while pregnant. ;-) So it would probably be best to hold out until the second trimester, because if you dye your hair now, it is not going to look right anyway! If your hair looks odd now because your roots are growing out...think how much more odd it would look if the color doesn't set right. ;-)


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - February 28

Since you did have a previous miscarriage I wouldn't recommend risking that. The chemicals can contribute if you are prone to a miscarriage. I didn't dye my hair til I wasabout 7-8 months pregnant but my mom did it (I didn't touch any of the chemicals) she made me wear the mask so I couldnt smell the chemicals and I didn't keep it in for the recommended time. But I wouldn't do it now thats for sure.


BeckyBunny - February 28

Bogus. As long as you're having it done professionally and the area is well ventilated, there is no risk. There have been studies done on it, and the only risk is from inhaling the fumes....so as long as it's not a closed in space and there's good ventilation, hair dye does not actually pose a risk to the baby. Yes it's true that chemicals can seep into your skin...but not enough chemicals can seep into your skin and into your bloodstream all the way to the baby for it to pose a health risk. Plenty of people dye their hair while pregnant with no ill effects - like I said earlier, most just wait until the second trimester because of the problems with color.


Jezebel - February 28

my gf is a pregnant hair dresser/colorist and shes fine as are all of her gfs that have had kids over the years...so are the kids btw


joleenb - February 29

thank you all for your comments....soo, for some reason the color doesn't take right or it just doesn't stay? like i said, my wedding is on the 15th and i've been holding off having my hair done so i have some major out-growth...i guess i'll just have to tell my hairdresser and hope for the best! thanks ladies!!


BeckyBunny - March 1

I hear the worst is blondes. For most people they turn out orange. Do if you bleach/dye your hair blonde...beware! lol.


joleenb - March 2

well...i had my hair appt today. happy to report that my hair took the color and i LOVE it. becky it is blonde :) my hairdresser didn't seem terribly concerned, she said she had been doing hair when she was pregnant with both kids and they both came out fine. soo...one milestone out of the way. c'mon march 7th so i can see my baby's heartbeat!! keep your fingers crossed for me!


Bumblebee - March 2

Congrats on your wedding and your new lil precious one!! And glad your haircolor came out good. What an exciting time for you. Can't wait to hear how your wedding goes!! And of course your u/s... I was also wondering about the hc during pg and did do it during 1st month before I knew and both times had mc (last Sep 07, and now). Honestly, when you mc, it makes you wonder and think back to all the things that COULD have been wrong!! Just can't help those thoughts. But I also know several hairdressers who do color and have had successful pg's and beautiful kids. And to think if you do hc during pg, a few times, it is really no worse than all the chemicals you use almost daily or weekly to clean your home... And those fumes Stay in the house unless u ventilate to the outside regularly. So all in all I feel there is enough pollutants out there in the air, and in the house, and then not to mention all the other hormonal or chromosomal imbalances in our body.... It's a lot!! I do agree to keep the first trim clean as much as possible of any additional chemicals to give our body and the delicate state of the growing embryo a super healthy chance.... just in case this lil one needed a little extra support. I am looking forward to my d&c on Tuesday to get done with this m/c and on to feeling better and moving on. Didn't think I would ever say that! :) Good luck to all.. and baby dust.


pinkijade - March 6

hi im platnum blonde and i have dyed mine a couple of weeks ago with no problems at all the colour is white still.. my mother n law did it outside on the varandah so the smell wasnt that bad.. i guess it just depends on the indivual


llukenjess - March 7

I am a naturally red head...i am 11w4d and i want to dye my hair...i feel so ugly with my hair...(something new since being preggers) I mean i just feel ugly all together, but is it too soon...should i wait a little longer to dye my hair or is now an ok time?



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