Early Contractions

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AKG - May 10

I am so excited to find this site - i just have a question for everyone... I am five weeks pregnant w/ my second little one and i feel like i am having contractions already. The nurse says that it is normal but i have never heard anyone talk about this. Does anyone have experience w/ this?


c - May 10

well that does not sound normal...is it a tightening feeling or is it cramping. I had a lot of what felt like period cramps in my 1st trimester and now at 24 weeks I have just started feeling that tightening-cramping feeling. I called the hospital and they said that dehydration can cause contractions. stock up on H2O good luck


d - June 11

I am 4 wks w/ my second. I am having what feels like braxton hix. However I have ovarian hyperstimulaion. I would recommend taking it easy, I'm on bed rest and the only time I feel the tighting contractions is when I move too fast.


Jody - July 7

My doctor said that some people contract through the entire pregnancy which I have. Make sure they watch you carefully though. I am 19 weeks and my cervix is already at 1.9 cm.


Melissa - July 11

Well yes i have heard about it, it is normal and its a sign that your baby is still there and its still moving.but if you are very concern see a doctor. but i had it and it was still good news..


angel - July 16

I had a weird thigtening feeling of my abdomen when I was 13 week, my doctor insist I went ti see my gynea. Luckily I did, my gynea says that my uterus is having contractions (and I can actually see a 'ball' in my uterus next to my baby!), and she says if they contractions continue, it may push cause bleeding and push out baby which will cause miscarriage. I was given 1 week M.C! So please take everything seriously if you don't want lose your baby.


Sara - July 16

I am going throught the same exact thing. I am suppose to start the 21st so I would be 4-5 weeks. I know I am pregnant I have every symptom in the book. The worst is the tightening/pressure feeling that I have been feeling for about 4 days straight in my lower abdomin and lower back. I feels exactly like a contraction.(That is how I desribed it to my husband) I read that it is caused from uterine stretching and it's normal. I hope that's true for both of us. Best of Luck!


angel - July 18

My gynae says that the 'tightening' feeling at the lower abdomen that comes on and off is actually the stretching of the abdomen to allow for the the growth of unterus and baby :). However, the feeling of my abdomen is right at the centre where the whole 'stomach' area feelings like being pulled inwards and not just for a while, but tighten and not relax even after I try to relax. I didn't know that this 'weird' feeling may actually endanger my pregnancy, so it's good to have a check. Now I try not to over-strain myself even though alot of people says that walking can help in easy delivery. Guess everyone have different experience in their delivery, so we need to listen to our heart rather than depend on other people'e experience. have fun!



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