Early Prgnacy Signs

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melissa - November 24

can i have symptoms in the first week of pregnacy


No - November 24

The first week of pregnancy is the week your AF shows up. You're actually not even pregnant in the first week of pregnancy. Most people don't get symptoms until they are 6 - 8 weeks along. Don't get confused if you are feeling symptoms because a lot of pregnancy symptoms are exactly the same as AF symptoms. The best advice I can give is for you to wait patiently until AF is late and then take a test. If you a___lyze every symptom and get your hopes up, it is very disappointing when AF shows up. It took me six months to get pregnant and for four of them I was sure I was pregnant, but I really wasn't.


tam - December 16

if you have your period on the first you usually ovulate on the fourteenth mid cycle but day 9th thru 15th is the window you could get pregnant because sperm can live in there for days before your egg decends. so when your period comes around again 28- the first you have been pregnant for about two weeks but you doctor calculates from the first day you started your last period as day one of your pregnancy they will tell you your a month pregnant thats why you can take a prregnancy test a few days before your next period or a day after it was suppse to come the build up of hcg hormone. so yes you can have symptoms


Dia - December 16

The very first pregnancy symptom I had, and had absolutely no clue I was pregnant, was carpal tunnel. How crazy is that? DH and I were not trying so I thought it was nothing. But, lo and behold, 10 days later I found out I was pregnant!! But, I didn't find out until my sixth week.....so I got that first symptom at about 4 weeks pregnant - - other than that I just felt like AF was coming.


Nunu - December 18

Hello, I am 4 weeks PG and have slight cramps like AF and starting to get nauseated. Also sore bb's.....Cant wait till all the symptoms are over with. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!



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