Early Signs Anyone Please

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Doubleal - October 8

I'm trying for my 3rd and my kids are 7 and 10 so it's been along time and can't remember the begining of pregnancy. I have been feeling very uptight and alot of anxiety and sometimes panicy. I know sounds weird!!! Did anyone have any of these symptoms in the first couple of weeks. It's to early for me to test but I was wondering if maybe it was my hormones going wacky, or just me going wacky. Thanks for any info.


Deb - October 8

Hmmm...that might be pregnancy related. I didn't feel anxiety, but I did feel sometimes like the blood was going through my veins at top speed which could be what you are experiencing. Are you having any mild cramping? I just got my BFP on Friday and the only symptoms I have been having are mild cramping and feeling "wet". How close to your period are you? I used a clearblue digital on cd25 and got a positive. I also used 2 other tests and got negatives, so spend the money and go get a digital so you can put yourself out of your misery of waiting. I think they are $10 - $12 at Walmart for 2 tests.


Doubleal - October 8

I'm not due for af till the 21rst. Thats why I think it's to early. Yes, I have had mild cramping and alittle blood the other day. I'm afraid to take the test and get a neg. Last month I tested all the time and got negs. So I'm trying to wait so I don't get disappionted. Thank you so much Deb!!!


Shiva - October 9

Hi Deb its really nice to know.that you got your BFP this Friday only and on CD25 same like me I also got my BFP on this Friday and on CD26. Congratulations to both of us!! so when you are planning to go to doctor. i hv got my dr appointment for Oct15th. No Idea what they will do. I am having mild cramps on my lower abdomen sometimes, mild headeaches & yesterday I throw up when I was having my diner. But there is one thing I am worrying that I am not wetting down there do I have to worry about that?? Anyone???


ChattyKathy - October 9

I was really thirsty, really tired, one of my pregnancies I had hotflashes, sore b___bs (mostly the nipples). Oh yes, and I had the mild cramps too and discharge. Good luck on getting a bfp!



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