Early Twin Development Question

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Melissabp - May 18

Hi Ladies, I am 36 almost 37 years old. No children, a m/c in 2004 & 2005. I'm pregnant again and I am 8 weeks from LMP. I have been taking baby aspirin and 50 mg progesterone suppositories twice daily since I found out. I have had no m/s, no cramping, no spotting, no bleeding etc. I went for an ultrasound on Tuesday, 7w5d. They found 2 sacs and 2 fetal poles but no heartbeats. They measured 5w5d and 5w6d. The dr was not encouraging and I have to go back next Wed for another ultrasound. He told me to keep taking the aspirin and progesterone. Is there any hope? Is the progesterone the reason I'm not bleeding? My other 2 m/c showed fetal growth stopping around 6 weeks and no hb as well but with both of those I started to cramp and bleed. The ultrasound Tues also showed a large cysyt on one ovary. I have not been on clomid for 6 mths so I don't know where it came from. Has anyone had a similar experience and had a good ultrasound the next week? I am very sure of my dates and I got my BFP 5 days b4 af was due.


Melissabp - May 18

Sorry, I got carried away. My real question is can twins be slower in developing at this stage or am I just grasping at straws? Thanks! Melissabp


old timer - May 18

i dont no the answer to that but i do hope evey thing turns out ok for you take it easy and let us no how you get on


snugglybugglys - May 18

When I was prego with my twins I found out at a little over 8 weeks, and baby A measured 7w4d, and baby B was 7w. My boys always measured off from eachother, and me. So good luck at your appt! :)


nursej - May 29

why are you taking asprin, i thought asprin was bad when preg, it is a mild blood thinner. i take progesterone too right no i am 6weeks 1 day.


snugglybugglys - May 30

I read that if you take baby asprin (it's safer than adult) it thins out your blood and supposedly prevents from miscarriage. But an alternative to asprin is eating 2 kiwi a day...it naturally thins your blood. And is healthy.



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