Easy My Mind About Hcg

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sdb - June 5

I discovered I was pregnant on Memorial Day. I took one hpt on Sat. and came up with two lines - one dark, one light. Sunday I moved on to EPT and got a light pblue cross. Not satisfied I switched to clear blue, which after taking it twice had the same answer- pregnant. I went to my ob that Tuesday. The pee test there came back negative. Then after examining me my doctor said I probably wasn't. Needless to say I was an emotional wreck. He took a blood test, which after calling him 15 times the next day, I was told was positive. This is my first pregnancy so I am very anixous. The doctor said that the hcg levels were really low. Does that - plus the negatives at the doctor- mean something could be wrong the baby? If anybody has any advice, please let me know. I am worried.


DB - June 5

My first few hpts were really reallly really faint. DH could barely see the first one. I went the day after I got my bfp and my beta was 25.2. THe nurse said they consider anything over 25 to be pregnant, so we had to be cautiously optimistic. I went back three days later and it was 146. Eight days after that it was over 8,000. It's really not the initial number that is important, it's how it doubles. It should double every 48-72 hours. If it doesn't double then something may be wrong. what was your first beta??? When is your second?? My nurse scared the c___p out of me, but mine ended up doubling how it was supposed to, so they were happy. I am 6w2d and have first u/s tomorrow. I know you are probably worried sick but you can't worry until after your second beta. HTH and Good luck.


Lala - June 5

I definatly agree with DB. We all start out close to zero. So, depending on when it is checked, of course it's going to be low. All that matters is it's doubling time. Did you get a repeat blood test 2 days after the first?



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