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heatherjene - November 28

I have been feeling queasy for the past 3 weeks, having an empty stomach makes it worse, so I try to eat something every few hours. I feel like all I do is eat eat eat, but I'm not putting on any weight. I am 8 weeks PG and I know the baby is not using all that extra food- and I am hungry all the time!! I feel like a complete pig! I had suffered from anorexia for 5-6 years, but have recovered for the most part and was back to a healthy weight. I do want to be healthy for me and my baby, but whats up with being hungry all the time??!! Does anyone have any ideas or know what I'm talking about? Thanks :)


HeatherIsHopeful - November 28

being hungry all the time is pretty common, if you are worried about eatig TOO much try to snack on healthy things like fruits and veggies... like celery. celery has LESS calories than the amount of calories you burn just eating it, so essentially you are burning calories but your stomach is thinking it is full. also, eat complex carbohydrates because they take longer to break down to you feel fuller longer with out taking in access calories. You may already know all that c___p but I figured I would share anyway lol. don't worry about "feeling like a pig" eating and eating more that usual is normal :) and remember when in doubt talk to your doctor. good luck, have and happy and healthy 9 months. -Heather<3


ShoppingForTwo - November 28

Yup heatherjene your completely normal! My doctor says eat every two hours. Three meals and 2 snacks. :)


nola-gal - November 28

heatherjene, i am totally with you! i am hungry all the time, and i have queasiness and hunger pains every two hours or so. thing is, i've actually lost weight...not much, but about two pounds. I'm 7 weeks tomorrow. i read that our bodies are pumping a lot harder, even if we're just sitting around. we need more fuel cause our insides are doing more stuff. but i agree with heather, healthy is best! right now, the thing that makes the sickness go away the best is a whole wheat bagel and light cream cheese. bananas, orange juice, and granola bars help a lot, too. the first thing i do in the morning is get some juice to get my blood sugar back up. but everyone tells me that by the second tri, we'll feel a lot better and won't have to eat so often.


heatherjene - November 28

Thank God! I know our bodies are working harder so maybe we do need the extra calories. Thanks for the answers, and Good Luck to all!



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