Eating Fish

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sonyab - May 19

is it really unsafe to eat fish more then once a week?? i really love fish and my brother goes out fishing quite alot and brings home fresh fish, from the sea and fresh water, and mum cooks them up straight away, now would this be really bad if every few weeks i ate fish 2 or 3 times a week?? also about this mercury is it only in sea fish or fresh water have it as well???


sarahbaby11 - May 20

i'm not sure which fish carry it but you could ask your doctor. some fish are perfectly safe to eat. i know tuna is not safe but after that i don't know.


shyann - May 20

I asked my doctor the same thing because I love lobster and mussels and what he told me is that if it's bottom fish that lives near the bottom of the ocean it's fine to eat as much as I want but he told me the only real fish I need to limit is my tuna I don't really understand that but thats what he told me


Cabbie - May 20

Here's the list my dr gave me: DO NOT EAT: gulf coast oysters, shark, halibut , large mouth ba__s, marlin, pike, sea ba__s, swordfish, tilefish, walleye, white croaker, king mackerel, tuna steaks. LIMIT TO ONCE A MONTH: canned tuna, blue mussels, cod, eastern systers, gulf of mexico blue crab, lake whitefish, mahi-mahi, pollock, wild channel catfish, great lakes salmon. NO LIMITATIONS: croaker, farm raised catfish, farm raised trout, fish sticks, flounder, haddock, mid-atlantic blue crab, shrimp, wild pacific salmon. That being said, she also cautioned against too much of the farm raised fish due to agriculutural pollution that ends up in the water. She said fish really should be fresh fish caught in a flowing body water so that pollution don't settle in the fish environment. Wow! This is baby number three for and this is the first time it has been a big deal with this.


sonyab - May 21

cool thats great, we mainly eat whiting, and trout.


nursej - May 29

well i mainly eat red snapper, i got this little pamplet from a friend about fish to eat and not to eat, looks like cabbie covered them all.


frankschick2001 - May 30

Tuna is safe as it is one of the very low level mercury fishes. Stay away from shark, tilefilsh, and all raw fishand tuna STEAKS. I read it is safe to have canned tuna about once a week.



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