Eating Fish While Pregnant

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Heidi - March 2

Can you eat tuna while pregnant? I know this sounds dumb but my Mayo pregnancy book says nothing about canned tuna. How about cod? Shrimp? Lobster? I was craving a tuna sandwich on toast last night so I said screw it, and ate it anyway. I'm so fussy about what I eat right now cus everything tastes like c__p so I just go with the cravings. Just talking about it makes me want another one! Ha ha! I hope it's safe!


citrouille - March 2

Yes you can eat tuna but I would avoid eating tons because it is a big fish high up on the food chain and toxins collect in it. However, fish is very good to eat because of the Omega3 fatty acids which are really important for developing your baby's brain. I wish I could handle fish right now but pretty much everything except junk food (pizza, pasta, chips) makes me want to puke


Janet - March 2

My doctor recommended that if you have to eat tuna, eat the chunk light variety. Solid white is much higher in mercury, as is swordfish, tuna steak. Also, try not to eat more than 2 servings per week. (they say there is a link between high mercury in the diet and autism)


hrd - March 2

I just went to the Dr. today and asked him the same thing. I have heard you weren't supposed to but that was one of the last things that sounded half way appetizing. He said he has no problem with the kind you buy in a store. It has been through so many different processes getting it ready to package that the danger of having problems from it are so highly unlikely . I guess the mercury could build up if you ate it every day all day however, I teach with a woman who said that was all she could eat while pregnant (without hearing of those warnings) she has two very healthy very smart kids. Don't worry about it.


Janet - March 2

Heidi, I didn't mean to alarm you. I ate a tuna sandwich 2 weeks ago too. And with my first baby, I craved tuna all the time and ate it. My doctor just gave me this new info this pregnancy. Just like hrd said, just don't eat it all the time. :)


Mary - March 2

If you want to know what is really going on do a google search under - mercury levels in canned tuna - see the 1st link, you will be suprised with the answer.


Heidi - March 2

Thanks to all your replies. In another couple years they'll tell you to not eat anything! There's always something. I read about sandwich meat too and all I crave is Subway's turkey and bacon subs. I can't help it! Normally I don't care for tuna either but last night I got a hankering for tuna on toast and a tall gla__s of milk. I'm sure I won't eat it often but it sure was good!



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