Eczema Is Much Worse

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shaz - February 11

has anyones eczema or other allergies gotten worse?


flybaby926 - February 11

Yes, my eczema has acted up a bit. When I went to the dr., she suggested I not use the topical steroid that I usually use, so I've been trying to chill out.


shaz - February 12

im not sure if i am pregnant yet but will re-test soon. im using emovate which helps.


Carrie - February 12

If there is a cleanser called Cetaphil available where you live, this works well for people with eczema. It is over the counter and fairly inexpensive. I work for a dermatologist and we have had patients with some nice success. It is the most gentle skin cleanser you can buy and they also have lotions and creams available.


Sarah - February 13

I have bad allergies and eczema and the only reason i have noticed its worse is because i cant have my normal 6wk cortisone injections. You can buy some good natural creams one i use is called chickweed and its safe to use and on nappy rash its good, the best thing to do is to go to the dr and see what you can take


Candee - February 14

Mine is also really bad right now. My dr. told me not to take my normal steroid cream but use a very oily (fatty) cream to keep me moisterized. As for allergies - I don't know if its my allergies that are making me so stuffed up or the pregnancy horomones.


Leahp - February 15

I found a great herbal lotion over the internet for eczema, it's called Clearaway! It has worked wonders for me!!


Paula - June 14

I am pretty sure i have eczema on my face, although it is hard to see, my skin has become scrathy and burning in the last couple of days... it is driving me mad... i haven't had eczema since i was a kid and i am now 28! is there anything natural you can use?


Jessica - June 14

Before I was pregnant I was receiving cortisone injections for my eczema. Now that I am 10 weeks pregnant and haven't had any cortisone in months my eczema is out of control. I am a hairdresser and highly allergic to the chemicals so that is making it worse. Already had to cut down my work schedule. I have it on my face as well but I now wash my face with J+J baby wash so it is much better. Aquaphor is great stuff as well.



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