Eek Only 4 Weeks

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maggie - April 21

HI! I'm another crazy girl who is paranoid, in denial, worried about everything, and wondering how to make it to the end of December! Hoping to hook up with some of you who are in the same boat...I took (no kidding) 6 home pregnancy tests, 3 different brands just to make sure. Thankfully, I'm touring a birthing center tonight and maybe that will ease my mind a little. Will they laugh at me, since it's sosososo early? :( I knew almost right away that something was happening, like the week after conception. When I couldn't get a garden-burger down without gagging, I went and got a test at the drugstore. It was too early for it to register, but this monday I went on a testing spree and got 6 positives! Who else is this nuts?


Jodie - April 21

maggie, i was the same way, i am now 9wks and I am finally beleiving this whole thing. I took 6 tests mom thought i was crazy. I went to my doctor for the first time about a week ago and they confirmed with blood tests and all that good stuff. I think it will be more real when i get my first ultra sound...which isn't until may 12th...which is soooo far from now. Good luck with your pregnancy!!!!


SRG - April 21

Hi Maggie, Congrats! I am 11 weeks pregnant, and believe me I understand exactly how your feeling. I did the same thing took a ton of home tests, then once I got a positive I went to the hospital for bloodwork, just so I would get the results the same day. I am still parinoid about everything, can't help it. I am due on 11/10/05 what is your due date?


Jill - April 21

maggie, when are you dus..? My lmp was 17th march. So due dare would be 22 dec.


maggie - April 21

Well, my due date will be between Christmas and New Years! It's so funny because that's what we really wanted. Only tried once! Jill, how did you manage to get someone to do bloodwork on you immediately? So stupid...the only thing that makes me feel better is repeating the pee-tests! I have always been a super impatient person. I figure at about $6 a test, it's a small price to pay for sanity (and being able to sleep at night). :)


Lynn - April 21

I was the same way, I took about 6 tests also, including one when I was about 6 weeks.. AFTER I had been to the doctor's & had it confirmed, just ot be sure I was still pregnant! I'm so excited though, I go today for my first sono. Excited & scared... I can't wait to see the heartbeat, but what if there isn't one? Oh Jeeze... I can't hink about it anymore, 2 more hours & everything will be fine!


Dani - April 21

Maggie, I did the same thing you did...I just found out yesterday that I'm pregnant and already have taken 4 preggo it's not real or Congrats you you!



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