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ShoppingForTwo - November 16

Am I the only one? I'm 7w2d. I don't remember it increasing so much this early last time. I learned to use panty liners so I don't have to ruin my cute undies but the biggest problem is that sometimes it scares the c__p out of me because it feels like I'm bleeding. I constantly run to the bathroom, praying, and hold my breath as I yank my pants down. I had a wonderful visit and ultrasound with my peri yesterday and am getting my hopes up a little now I would be crushed if I saw any blood down there. The time for implantation is loonngg gone so I'm guessing if I start to bleed the outcome would be grim. . . How are you ladies coping with this?


HeatherIsHopeful - November 16

lol once again Shoppingfortwo Im right there with you.. Im a little farther along but everyt ime I feel anything I freak out and run to the bathroom.. its so frustrating lol I just wanna get to the second and third trimesters already.. this one is killing me!!


nola-gal - November 16

i take a close look at that tp everytime i wipe and breathe a sigh of relief when when it's all clear. i hear ya girl!!!


kay101 - November 16

Hey babes conrats by the way! I had that problem for a few days. I would feel wet down there and go to the bathroom and there would be all this lotiony cm in my panties. It even soaked through to the front once. Panty liners are a good thing, just change them once they start to feel wet because it will at least ease your mind till enough gets on there again to make you feel that way. I had some spotting for about a week and a half from 6 - 7 1/2 weeks but it went away and everything is fine. You can spot a little after s_x, a v____al ultrasound, or a pelvic exam so if you see a little brown after any of those, it's just your cervix being irritated and nothing to worry about.


ShoppingForTwo - November 16

Thanks ladies! HeatherIsHopeful, I hear it gets worse as time goes on. . . At least if we spot then its less scary I'm a__suming. Nola-gal, I inspect the tp very closely after I wipe too! I have a horrible habit of smelling it as well. . .shhh, that's embara__sing, don't tell anyone hehe. . . I just like to be reasurred that things are ok. Mine isn't always clear. Sometjmes it's lotiony like Kay101 mentioned, and other times it's like clear yellowish. Same happened with my last pregnancy and I spoke with my doc about it so I know it's normal. It's just weird and very scary at times. Thanks for all the info Kay101. I try to change my liner frequently because I know women are suppossed to keep it dry down there to reduce the risk of infection, pregnant or not, but I realllyyyy don't need an infection right now! *TMI* well I guess this whole post is tmi but my liners arent that thick. The regular ones are a bit thicker than the thong ones but with the thong ones if they get a little discharge on them I feel sticky. Like a diaper kind of. That's another reason I change them so often.


ShoppingForTwo - November 16

I meant that if we spot in the 2nd or 3rd tri then it would be less scary. (I'm a__suming) I would think they would have a WAY better chance of a great outcome then, instead of spotting in the ever so scary 1st tri.


Sally123 - November 16

Me too! I wore some pink underwear yesterday, and since I had so much discharge, I was terrified that I had blead (the wetness looked a little like it might have been blood). Of course, I just kept wiping to make SURE that it wasn't. I'm pretty convinced it wasn't blood, but I'm never wearing pink again!


stefkay - November 16

LOL, I was having a conversation with someone the other day at the store and suddenly felt that "dripping sensation" down there and I know I must have went white as a sheet...I couldn't concentrate on anything she was saying and finally had to excuse myself to the restroom! I was terrified and felt like my heart was going to jump out of my chest! I've been told since that the feeling is completely normal and common in pregnancy so I too have bought a large box of liners. I had spotting early on too (for 4-5 days around 4.5 weeks) so I am always scared it will come back. I've eased up some, but used to about have a panic attack each time I 'd go to the bathroom!


HeatherIsHopeful - November 16

oh my gosh.. its so nice to know Im not the only one who gets scared as hell and runs to the bathroom the first chance I get.. oh, Shoppingfortwo I do the smell test too LOL its so gross but I'll do anything to be sure everything is okay.


ShoppingForTwo - November 16

Yyaay HeatherIsHopeful I'm glad I'm NOT alone hehe. Stefkay your story was so funny! Only because the same thing happened to me today when I was talking with a co-worker.


sarah21 - November 17

Sorry ladies but it gets worse. At least it's terrible for me at 22 weeks. Sigh.


Michelle11 - November 17

Hey Ladies! I am getting ready to start week 6 and I too have been experiencing some discharge. However, mine is brownish and it's been goingon for two days now. No cramping or anything else. . .ugh. I went in for my hcg test 2 days ago and my number was 473. Does that seem low to anyone? I went in for my second one today but won't know if it doubled until Monday. Aaaah. This is a stressful weekend !! Have you all had your hcg test done and what were your numbers??


stefkay - November 18

Michelle, beta numbers vary widely and you can find a lot of info about them online. Mine at 4 weeks 2 days were 954 and then 4 days later 6,728 (or something like that).



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