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Mandy - February 2

1st home test 12/31 was neg.... Jan.4 another home test was positive.. then went to doctor 3 days later , had a us but didn't see a doctor until 1/28. had us that day also , it showed sac,fetus and no heartbeat... tech and doctor said it could go either way , but doc said my hcg levels were good... if I'm only 61/2 weeks then why would I not have a period in Dec. Nov. 28 is a long time since my lmp to only be 61/2.weeks , don't you think? I'm worried I've had a missed a abortion.. Don't go back to doctor until 1/14 , I guess if they don't hear a heartbeat then I should panic... I'm trying not to worry but is very hard


ekay - February 2

I got a positive on the 4th or 5th of January too. I am supposedly about 7w5d, but the u/s I had at 6w5d wasn't as good as I hoped, so I have another one on Friday. The heartbeat seemed slow at 6w5d. I have heard so many women on this sight say the same thing you are, and everything turned out fine. If you don't want to wait until the 14th, try going to the ER and say you had cramping and some spotting. I heard their u's are higher tech, so you might be able to see what you are looking for. I know these first couple weeks are pure hell, but try to hang in there and stay positive. What exactly are you dated at and when. Like were you 6w3d two days ago or what....I guess I basically mean how far along are you today?


mandy - February 2

ekay, today I would be 6w5d, at least that what the doc said . Due date 9/23, it just doesn't add up with my lmp, 11/28


ekay - February 2

Well, like I said before, I have heard the same thing on this site and women had an u/s done with a higher tech machine and the heartbeat popped right up. Is your doc checking you hcg or anything. That would probably be your best indicator. If he isn't, he should be. That is c___p to wait another 2 weeks. (I am a__suming when you put 1/14 in your original post, you meant 2/14. ) I would definitely press for some changes so you can get some answers. Still though, try and relax. Anything is possible. We DON'T always drop eggs when we think we do. And when the baby is that small at an early u/s, I imagine it can be quite difficult to measure PRECISELY. I mean you move your little measuring dots a little to the right and it changes the age by days. I would be very irritated with your doctor though. In any case, should this pregnancy not progress, please keep in mind it is nothing that you have done. Our bodies have a unique way of detecting that something isn't "cooking right". As painful as it may be to miscarry (trust me-I know), it limits the number of babies born with chronic medical problems, malformations, etc. That might sound cruel to say, but it's not meant that way. Try to stay as positive as possible and if your doctor still won't see you, I would probably switch. I wish you more than the best of luck.


mandy - February 2

ekay, thanks for the encouraging words I'll try not to worry to much


lyn - February 2

I am 6 wks 1 day and i had an u/s today, showing 128hbps and my dct. said it looked great. You can really see the heart beat @ 7 weeks so some times it's better to wait.


ekay - February 3

Hey, Mandy, ,I was just checking in on you. I hope everything is going well. I have my u/s tomorrow to make sure everything is going okay as the heartbeat was a little slow. I will keep you posted and I hope you do the same.



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