Ekay Check Your Post Amp Read This

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Missy - January 11

Am I responding to your question right when respond. Do you get notified when I answer? I'm new to the sight and just making sure I'm doing this correctly.Do I need to go to ask your question everytime or will you know when I write you back thanks for your help hope I helped ease the big question you had!!


ekay - January 11

Hey Missy, thanks a bundle for the reply. Do you think me having a 30 day cycle would change anything, say for instance, make my 4wks5dys or two days later then that? AHHH this is so confusing!!!! In response to your question above-I usually pay attention to the time when I last wrote on a thread and if it is later(the time) I check to see the responses, but you can email me if you want [email protected] Much luck till then!


Missy - January 12

I,m 100% sure of your due date and when I looked around the wheel it said 5 weeks on todays date. I really don't think the doctors get too concerned on the exact days because they all use the same wheel. BUT I'm alittle confused on why they'ed say I'M 5 week preg from my 1st day missed period when the egg and sperm probaley didn't meet until 14 days into the cycle which I would think the embryo would only be 3 weeks big? Now I prob. got you really thinking,ain't? But I go this morning and I'm gonna ask that question for us. Still have alot of strong aching on that left side I surely am praying its not a tubal !! K.G.Babies


ekay - January 12

Doctors add the two weeks before conception, making you 5 wks and not 3 wks. Weird huh! Is this your first preg by the way. This is my fourth, course as you and everyone else on this site knows, my last one ended in m/c. I hope this one 'takes' . I have been having the same left sided pain as well. Let me know how your appt goes. Where are you from anyways?


r - January 12

I'm not being nosy or anything, but thought this bit of info might help with the 3 vs 5 weeks pregnancy. In most countries Doctors count on a 40 week pregnancy because the LMP is when the hormonal changes start happening, it also helps doctors figure out the due date. But you are infact pregnant 38 week after conception...which really confused me at first, but it turns out it's just a counting method. Most sites including this one go with the 40 week pregnancy (which makes up for the 5 weeks) - but I have come across some that count a 38 week pregnancy. Hope this helps.


ekay - January 12

Thanks, r!!!!!



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