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MommaAsh - February 7

Hi moms! This is my first pregnancy and Im so excited, yet a little nervous. Im 7w3d, due in Sept, so here is my question, and sorry if it may sound like too much TMI. My doctor put me on these prenatal pills (ETHEX) Im not sure if its because Im taking them, but when I use the restroom, my bowel movement is a green color, and smells awful. Is this normal? What is this? Is it also possible to get very gassy during the first part of your pregnancy. This is happening ot me at the moment, and its been like this ever since I found out I was PG. I switched to Flinstone Complete, because for one they were easier on my stomach, I was throwing up a lot on my other prenatel vitamins, also I thought they would help with the bowel movements. Has this or is this happening to anyone else? What can I do or eat. Sorry for such graphic talk, my doctor said its normal, but I am not used to this. Please help!


happymommy - February 7

MommaAsh- How horrible it is, constipation and flatulance is a very common symptom in early pregnancy. The reason for this embarrasing phenomonon is your digestion is slowed down by the preg. hormones so your body will absorb as many nutrients as possible and your growing uterus is putting pressure on your intestines which is also slowing things down. The color in your stools is due to the high iron content in prenatal vit.. Because your body is producing more blood and blood cells to feed you and your baby you need this high iron content. What I did is I broke my vit in half and took a half at lunch with a prune, and before bed with a prune to help even out my system. For the flatulance I took beano. My doc said it is fine to take beano, but you may want to talk to your doc first before taking it. The good news it the flatulance and constipation usually end by the beginning of the 2nd trimester. Lots of luck and remember the outcome is worth everything that little one is putting your through.


Aimes - February 7

Do either of you know about blood and tissue in the stools? I had that a few weeks ago, but never found out what it was. I didn't mention it to my doctor because I didn't want to have to leave a sample! Kinda worried about it though



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