Emotional Rxn To Pregnancy

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Elizabeth - December 5

Hi, I just learned a couple of weeks ago that I'm pregnant, and since then I've been struggling with the idea. My husband really wanted a baby, but I wasn't so sure - however there's so much infertility in my family I thought I'd acclimate to the idea before I got pregnant. Instead, first cycle I became pregnant. Now... I'm having a lot of nausea (so much so it's hard for me to go to work - I have an hr commute each way), I'm bloating, and I'm emotionally confused. I keep praying I don't miscarry, but I also can't see myself having a baby in 8 months. As the pregnancy progresses, will I feel happier about it?? Will I feel "connected" to the baby? Is ambivalence a common feeling???


Claire - December 6

Hi First things first, congrat. Take it easy and try to get friendly with the idea, I got preg 1,2,3 before i even had time to get used to the idea of getting preg.I'm 12 weeks now, look at the bright side, thank G'd for it, others struggle to get pregnant and have such a hard time. and Yes you'll feel better about it, think about that little baby you'll be holding, that little thing you'll be able to nurture and give so much, and you will hopefully soon feel better as is, all those sympt go away after about 3 month i was told, i still have them but I'm always trying to be optimistic, since the endproduct will be great g'd willing, keep the spirit up! Good Luck!


Louise - December 7

I have what your going through the now. The feelings are horrible but once your 12 weeks they feelings will go. You will feel different once you see your baby on the scan. Goodluck


Janine - December 7

Hey there. I feel exactly like that - I'm 9 weeks along, and my hubby and I were intentionally trying. It's kinda like we were trying without thinking too much. If I thought about it - we may have never gotten pregnant! I just wish I was more sure that everything will work out. I am the breadwinner in the family, and I'm stressed about money, job stuff, how the hubby will cope if he's to stay at home...etc. It just seems so surreal....so believe me - you aren't alone in feeling like this!


Nikki - December 17

These feelings are all very normal. I just found out before Thanksgiving holiday that I am pregnant with our second child. It comes at a very bad time. I too struggled with it for awhile. Since this is my second pregnancy, I know that this is all normal. As you feel your baby grow, when you first hear the heartbeat, see the first sonogram, feel the first kicks, hiccups, etc. You will begin to feel the awe of it all and realize that there really is a little person growing in there and from day to day you will wonder what your baby will look like, what it feels like to hold him/her. It is a gradual process, getting used to the idea of becoming a mother. The hormonal changes which make you nauseated and emotional doesn't make it any easier. It is hard to go through this as a working woman, too. Take some time for yourself whenever you can to nap, rest and unwind. Stress is hard on pregnancy. And more than likely the nausea will ease up and that will do wonders for your outlook as well. I wish you well!


Patience - January 6

Hello Elizabeth,,,me too, I am 10 wks, found out Dec.1, and WOW it was a surprise!!! Did I mention this was a surprise? I had so many emotions, I've been scared,excited, delighted, silly, thought I could not figure out how I could do this... the gamet. Yet as I move through these days I am finding myself falling in love with life. It is like the best roller coaster! But I suppose it is common too to be uneasy, especially if like me working like a dog (and the commute... me too 1hr15min ICK)leaves you no time to really experience being pregnant. :-) Allow yourself some down time, read about being pregnant, it is enjoyable.:-) Good luck!!!!



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