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ami - November 24

hi i am 6 weeks now,i had u/s yesturday doc told me it's an empty sac & cant see the baby in it also advice me that the size is just increase by 2 mm since last week i am very much confussed & sad as well dont know what to do will be going for another u/s next week, can u pls advice me as of what to do & also if the development is slow & if after few weeks i see the baby would the baby will be healthy ? pls reply me


abc - November 25

maybe you are earlier than your dates suggest, ie less far along than you think. just hold on and try not to stress - its hard I know.. I am waiting for my u/s - not for another 2 weeks. Good luck to you.


Jessica T - November 25

I had a vag. u/s done on Tuesday. I was 5 wks, 5 days. We saw the sac, but she said we wouldn't be able to see anything yet. Not until 7-8 week. Don't worry.


Kennedy - November 25

Hi ami. I'm sure you are worried and I'm not writing to discourage you but just letting you know what my experience was. At 7 1/2 weeks, I started to spot and went in for an u/s and then to my despair found an empty sac. I didn't even know that could happen. I later ended up miscarrying naturally. My doctor told me that I might be off on my dates but I knew my dates were right on. Good luck to you! I hope your ending is different than mine.


Brooke - November 26

I had a m/c in April. On ultrasound there was only a sac visible. I was 9 weeks according to my doctor, but I didn't think I was that far along. He immediatly wanted to do a D&C. I was devistated and just wanted to begain ttc again asap. I wish I would have insisted on having another ultrasound in a week. Now I always wonder if the doctor was wrong and to hasty in his decision or if he was correct. It dosen't do me any good now to second guess him or beat myself up over not choosing to get another opinion, but at least I would have known. I would suggest to have a repeat ultrasound if you don't know the exact date you conceived. I have heard of many misdiagnosed m/c. I am now 8 weeks pregnant again. I wish you all the best.


To Ami - November 29

I am interested in how things worked out for you - do you have any more news? All the best, abc



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