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kelly - April 7

I found out last tuesday that i was pregnant. On wednesday, i woke to find that brown blood im my panties. i went to the doctor and he examined me and said that it was old blood. since then i have been going to do blood work to check my hcg. the first test, hcg did not double. second test, hcg did double. he has done 2 ultrasound. 4 and 5 weeks and told me i had an empty sack. he wants to do another ultrasound at 6 weeks and he told me if he does not see anything he wants me to have a dnc on the next day. i dont feel comfortable doing doing the dnc this early. if i am going to miscarriage, im just going to let it happen naturally. has anyone else had problems like this. no cramping or bleeding...


ann - April 7

i think that it is probably too early to see anything yet. you are 5 weeks? i was told at 6 weeks the doctor didnt see anything in the sac, went back at 7weeks, 3days and everything was fine. i would wait a couple weeks before rushing to a dnc. things can change. hang in there!


janine - April 7

kelly, i had a similar situation. When i first went to the doc we thought i was 6 weeks and he did a u/s and there was no baby. He told me to come back next week for a d&c. As it turns out the next week i got a sono and we saw a heartbeat. I was not as far along as I thought, i ovulated late in my cycle instead of mid cycle. I spotted for 12 days total. If it is brown, usually its not as much of a concern. It is a great sound that your levels are doubling. You wouldnt see a hearbeat until 6 weeks usually anyway. I am now 12 weeks and i heard my baby's heartbeat for the first time yesterday. Keep the faith, I am pulling for you, i know it is scary but if you believe it will be fine, it may just turn out that way. Don't panic yet!


Misty - April 7

I agree with Ann, I would also get a different doctor. Yours has no sensitivity, and apparantly things can be seen sometimes at later dates than normal, for him to want to rush you is in my opinion out of line. You need to do what you feel comfortable doing.


D - April 7

At my first u/s at 5w4d, I could just barely see the embryo in the sac! It was less than 2 mm in size... so early on, the embryo grows so quickly, just a day can make a difference. I doubt we'd have seen anything in the sac a day or two earlier. It seems awfully early to jump to any conclusions - even 6 weeks seems a bit early. Do what you think is best, but if I were you, having seen the stories of the ladies on this website, I'd give the pregnancy a chance until at least 8 weeks. Good luck!


A - April 7

My aunt had an 'empty sac' until she had her 10 week ultrasound. They were going to do a dnc and she wanted to wait and good thing she did other wise we wouldn't have my cousin!


Kay - April 8

Oh my goodness, don't have a D&C. Get a new doctor. I was just about nine weeks with my daughter and over eight weeks with my son before they could be seen. This is common especially if you have a tilted uterus. Go to www.misdiagnosedmiscarriage.com to read the stories there. Many women are much further along and because their physicians don't realize that many babies are seen after 8 weeks, they have to turn down their D&C's before finding the baby. Hang in there.


SL - April 8

Hi Kelly...I am 6 weeks pregnant now. I had gone for an ultrasound last week because I was experiencing bad cramps and would occa__sionally have bleeding. I had even pa__sed what seemed to be a blood clot. Yesterday I got the results of the u/s and was told by my doctor that it did not seem the pregnancy would continue despite my HCG levels increasing normally. When they completed the u/s there was only the sac and could not find anything in it. The radiologist who completes the report after the u/s indicated in the report that it appears it will be a miscarriage so, that is why my doctor informed me to prepare for the worse. I miscarried last August and basically this pregnancy was just about identical to the last which is why we had that thinking. After hearing that my doctor sent me for another u/s. I did it about two hours after meeting with him yesterday... the technician completed the "regular" u/s and could only see the sac again. Also noted there was a few blood clots in my uterus. He decided to do the transv____al (internal) u/s and well... to our surprise there was the baby, big heart and all!!! Although he felt it was quite small it was there and had a heart beat of 129.....I would most definitely hold off on completing the DNC as you really don't know for sure if there is a baby there. My doctor had recommended the DNC just before I went for the u/s but he wanted to make sure before we made final arrangements. Hope this helps... and keep the faith. Hopefully my pregnancy will continue as will yours...Good luck and all the best.


Joanna - May 25

I went to the ER two nights ago with severe nausea and cramping. They did an ultra sound on me and found an 5 week 3 days empty sac as well. I was so sad and upset.I had to have blood drawn today, and am schelduled again in 2 more days to compare the hormone level. I just had a miscarriage last August at 11 weeks, and one in January at only 3 weeks. I thank you ladies for your testimonies of strength snd hope to Kelly and other women like myself. I was all prepared for the worst and was ready to give up until i read this web site. I guess we all just have to relize that doctors are human and no matter how much we look up to them, they do not have all the answers. I have faith now that i honestly didnt have before 15 minutes ago! Thankyou to you all.


Joanna - June 9

Today i went to the hospital for another ultrasound. Im 9 weeks and 4 days now, and we seen a healthy baby and a heart beat! I hope everything worked out for u Kelly!


Michelle - June 22

Kay, are you still reading these? I just went to the doc today. I'm 7.5 weeks along and saw an empty sac. On top of that, I had an u/s 2 wks ago and also saw an epty sac. Doc said the sac hasn't grown as much as it should. He said most likely I lost it. He wants to wait a week and do another u/s to make sure. He mentioned that I had a "really tipped" uterus. I don't want to hang on to false hope at all. With the yolk sac not growing as much as it should have, and no sign of baby, do you think it's pretty much hopeless? Has anyone experienced ANYTHING like this? Please share with me. I'm devestated. Can't stop crying.


Allison - June 23

I went also at what I thought was 6 weeks and saw and empty sac as well. The dr's just said I wasn't as far along as I thought. My progresterone was low so they put me on a progesterone supplement. Now I have very very mild brown spotting on and off. I'm just crossing my fingers that everything is OK - and waiting until my next ultrasound which is on July 6. I just couldn't keep going back every few days or so - it was making me crazy!


Sienna - July 8

Hi I just found out I was pregnant 2 days ago & yesterday had an u/s where there was no sack to be seen or baby. I was told it was the early stages of prenancy 4-5wks.I have had cramps for the last 2wks and today have had some bleeding. I was told that I am having a miscarriage because the baby is not growing and no sack that there would of been abnormalities. So now I guess I just have to wait and see what happens. This sounds very similar to kay. I,m sorry but everyone is different don't give up hope.


me - July 8

kelly dont get a d&c, over here in england we dont even get our first ultrasound until the 12th week of pregnancy, that way all complications are avoided, if its not meant to be your body will dispose of it naturally, but if it is you may not know, those things are very difficult to read!


wendy - July 8

right now im going throu somethin similar. i went tuesday nite to the emergency room because i was bleeding, they did a sonogram and they didnt see the baby or heard any heart beat. i supose to have 11 weeks now and i dont know what is going on. i am still bleeding and i dont want to have a dnc either, i want to miscarage naturally.i want my body to get rid of it by itself.i am not having any pain at all just the bleeding every time i urinate.


April - July 14

I just had an u/s this morning, and I had an empty sack too. The u/s tech said that at 6w3d, she should have seen a "fetal pole". The nurse then said she thinks it's just too early, they are checking my HCG again, and I guess this will tell us more. Oh ladies, we just have to stay positive I guess, it's just so hard. Take care.


Amy - July 14

april i went in at 6wk5d and could not see anything but the sac and we could see heart motion i went today and seen the baby 2 wks later hold in there i know what it is like



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