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Doubleal - October 26

I am 15 dpo and af was due on the 24th( which she is never late). I just took a walmart brand test and the horizontal line is visible but the vertical line is very faint , this is after 6 min. It is a pink dye test, if that helps. Any info. would be great!! good luck to all!!!


ry - October 26

what color is the line? is it pink or is it grayish or whitish?


ZenGirl - October 26

the color does matter. i took a walmart brand (with the plus sign for positive) at 14dpo and it was so faint i thought i was seeing something. like making it up. take another one tomorrow with fmu. mine got darker the next morning and the morning after..good luck. OH! and you can also try different brand and see what you get. but the walmart one is super sensitive i think.


ry - October 26

well, i just went through the same exact thing two days ago and have confirmed i am pregnant. But the lines on my test, although very, very faint and not showing up til a few minnutes later were light pink.


EricaG - October 26

Io thik you should spend some extra money and buy a First Response EPT. I don't think that those have evap lines and I have used them for both of my pregnancies and they are easy to read.


ZenGirl - October 26

just be warned that some of the other tests have a different sensitivity. the same day i got a faint plus sign on the wlamrt test, i used the a clear blue easy digital and it said "not pregnant". it just didn't pick up the amount of hcg yet. the webist poas dot com says that the equate brand has read as low as 10. the day after i took the 1st one, i took a second one beofre i went in for my blood test and it came up a bit darker. then later that day my blood test confirmed that i was pregnant with a beta level of 14.8.


mgrave - October 28

I took the equate test after taking 2 E.P.T. tests that gave me these barely noticeable dotted-look on the positive side of the control panel. Anyways, I took the equate test and it came out this very very light pink on the positive side. I could barely believe my eyes...I am testing tomorrow (Sunday) morning to see if it really is a positive. My hubby saw it too so it confirmed I wasn't seeing things! Haha! GL Doubleal!! Let us know!!



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