Everyone 8 Week Ish

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Lynn - April 18

Good morning! This week I'll be heading into my 8th week & just wanted to post a thread for others in a similiar situation. What is everyone feeling right now? I am battling the morning sickness, & go through 48 hour cycle of severe fatigue... One day I'm fine, by the next evening, I'm in bed @ 6:30 and then I'm fine the next day. That sort of thing.


Ca__sie - April 18

Good Morning to you too! I am starting my 8th week today as well. I no longer have morning sickness, that seemed to be between week 5 and 6. Constipation is gone for now too. HOWEVER I have never had such horrible heartburn :(. As for the fatigue, I'm ready for bed by 9pm. I just don't have energy for anything! My b___sts are ever growing slowly. Sore nipples have become something I have grown accustom to.


Becky - April 18

I will be 8 weeks on Thursday of this week. I haven't had morning sickness this time like I did with my first pregnancy, but I can hardly stay awake. I've also had really bad headaches. I'm very excited though.


Elizabeth - April 18

My blood test came back showing that I am 8 weeks (or thereabouts..it will be confirmed tomorrow exactly how far along I am)..morning sickness is getting much better, but I still get queasy if I don't eat frequent, small meals. I'm making plenty of trips to the bathroom to pee..and I'm ready for bed by 8 or 9pm and still have a 1-3 hr. nap in the afternoon. Fatigue sure isn't going away!


Viki - April 18

I am 8 wks and just tired. No napping, in bed by 9-10 latest. I work 50 hrs a week. No puking, just queezy but eating often and small meals helps.


Julia - April 18

I was 8wks last Friday and still feeling very good. No MS not really tired. I am hungry and have to eat regularly And very thirsty! I remember being very tired with my 1st pregnancy so wondering when that might hit.


Egirl - April 18

I was 8 weeks on Friday and I just don't feel good in general. I keep a sour taste in my mouth, I am always tired and generally have nausea. I don't always throw up but the feeling is always there. Thankfully, my job has allowed me to drop a few hours, but it is still hard. I am really hoping that after the first trimester is over, I start to feeling better. I have been pretty much miserable so far.


Kristen - April 18

Becky- My experience has been similar to yours. I am 8wks today, and haven't had morning sickness this time like with the first preg. My only terrible symptom so far is the extreme exhaustion. Becky, how old is your other child?


Karen - April 19

Hi, I will be 8 weeks on Friday this week. This is my 1st pg & i'm very excited :). I do feel tired all the time, a bit nausea & vomitting, lower back pain & sore nipples. Will be seeing the dr on sat & hopefully everything is fine. Good luck to all of us :)


Tasha - May 12

I am just at 8 weeks and I have been very inconsistant..Some days I am very tired, sore b___sts, nauseated and crampy others I am more energetic and less pukey feeling. I just feel so bloated. One week I love a food and the next the thought of it makes me sick. I am so excited this is my 1st! Not sure what to expect. But I have been going to bed very early.



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