Everyones Betas Care To Share

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parkermegan - May 1

I had a beta at 10dpo and HCG 14 Prog. 18 Then today at 13dpo HCG 92.6 I have researched numbers online, but they give you such a large bracket for the numbers. I would like to know what all of yours were and when....


parkermegan - May 2

Bump** No one wants to share with me?


Kira_lynn - May 2

Hi Parkermegan, my levels were at 182 at 4weeks and 6500 at 5w3d. I was scared when i heard 182 but i read on americanpregnancya__sociation that one test cant determine anything. Im happy with my levels and now im 7weeks today!


olivia - May 2

I have never had a doctor tell me my betas. I think a lot of people are probably in the same boat? I don't even know what they are.


pattford - May 2

I had my first beta test on 16dpo. Hcg was 249 and progesterone was 32. I had another beta test done on 19dpo. Hcg was 1306. I hope these numbers are good. My doc seems happy about it. I don't have to go in for anymore blood tests. He wants me to come in in two weeks for u/s. Let me know your thoughts.


tndrlvn - May 2

at 5 weeks i was 482, at 6 weeks i was 6058 at 7 weeks i was 78,690 i am now 9 weeks and haven't had one done in a while, they say it should double every 24 to 48 hours i believe. as long as it goes up.....all is well........Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


tndrlvn - May 2

oh i was going to say my Dr. told me anyone over 5 is pregnant so they higher you are the farther along you are the higher it goes.........the more nautous you will get.........have fun..........i know i am.......not.....hahhahah but it is well worth it


linzee - May 2

im like olivia. i was never told. so im guessing everything is fine with my levels.


parkermegan - May 2

I really do think they do them more if you ask or if you have had a history of mc.


frankschick2001 - May 2

PArker, my HCG at 5 Weeks 3 days 9,280 Progesterone 26.5


parkermegan - May 2

I can't wait to see what mine will be on Friday... I will be about 4 1/2 weeks...


yetanothertripletmom - May 4

My HCG at 20dpo was 5947. Higher than with my triplet pregnancy!!!! I don't get an u/s until 7 weeks (may 17) so I'll be curious to see how many babies this time! :)


parkermegan - May 4

Tripletmom, are you on chlomid? Wow, wouldn't that be something if you were pg with triplets again! I am still feeling good about this pregnancy. I can't wait until tomorrow morning so I can get my hcg done again! I will be happy to be over 889, since that is as high as I ever got last time. I went from 14 to 92.6 in 3 days so my doubling time was 26 hours so if it stays the same I should be at 1400....yaya!! I can't wait. I am starting to feel some nausea.....we'll see!



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