Excessive Urination

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zinger43 - January 16

Ok ladies...just a little vent,now, I've always had a little nighttime bladder issue, but recently it has just gotten out of control!! Last night I seriously went 4 times between the time I laid down at 8:30 (I read in bed for a while before sleeping) until 10:00. Then again at 11:30 and then again around 1. Then again at 3:30. SEVEN TIMES. And the crazy thing is...each time it's a good 5-7 second release...there's always stuff coming out!!!!!!!! I know that frequent urination is a preggo thing...but seriosly...Is is possible that I'm not completely emptying out?? Or is it just my body's reaction to the pregnancy???? Is there anyone else experienceing this???


Yari - January 16

I am also experiencing the same thing. I have heard that it does not go away. I even asked my doctor about it and he says it is normal.


jen327 - January 16

Same thing here. I try and try to postpone it just so I can sleep, but I go so much, sometimes 5 times a night but usually 3 or 4. It totally screws up the sleeping. My OB said to me (word for word) "Girl, that's your body getting you ready for having a baby wake you up that much at night" I laughed. I think it is normal, your body takes in more and releases more.


jessicaspatherapist - January 16

same thing with me too. i get up around 5 times a night....last night was not so bad it was only 3 times but that was because i was dehydrated! when i lie down at night if i dont' fall asleep right away i'll go 3 or 4 times that hour like you said. my uterus is slightly tilted forward and i already urinated a lot but now with my growing uterus its really bad....could this be the case for you too?


jen327 - January 16

I think my uterus is to, I am not sure, they said I had a retroverted uterus but I don't know what that means. I don't want to Google it because I will probably become neurotic about it. But before I was prego I had to pee alot too, I wonder if that is why. Interesting....


zinger43 - January 16

Yeah...me too...I'v always had to go a lot...although it seems worse at night...I don't know if some of it is mental because iIfeel like I can't go to sleep unless I empty out! I know that at one time I had a tilted pelvis...but I'm not sure about a tilted uterus!


ChattyKathy - January 16

retroverted just means its tilted in a certain direction (im not sure if its forward or backwards) Its actually fairly common and doesn't mean much. They used to say that it'll make it difficult to get pregnant but uh... Thats definitely not the case for me! =)


angelinakai - January 16

girl, i know how you feel. i hardly got any sleep last night because of all the peeing. I kinda find it humorous bc it is so crazy how much i pee!! hehe... i know im wierd, im just happy to be pregnant



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