Expecting 2nd Child In May 06 Let S Compare Notes

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Nessie - October 9

I am 10 and a half weeks with my second child, saw the baby on ultrasound on Friday. I am so much sicker, fatigued and generally unwell this time!! My back hurts, ligament pain is much earlier, br___ts are bigger, and showing earlier. Obstetrician says it is all very normal to experience these things sooner second time around, but I find myself looking forward to some relief in the impending 2nd trimester! Anyone else experiencing the same thing?


rach - October 9

hi i am nearly 7 weeks my baby is due on the 30th may 06 can't wait


Shel - October 10

I am also expecting my second in May 2006! I am also so much more sick, tired and nauseous this time around. I was hoping it would be better since I worked up until my first child's delivery and now I stay home and can cope better by napping and relaxing more (well as much as possible with a 16 month old boy!). You are definitely not alone. My doctor said the same thing about the second time around. I have heard the sicker you are the more likely a girl :) Are you going to find out the s_x? I cannot wait!


Alex - October 11

I'm due May 10, with my first. I am so excited. I heard the heartbeat yesterday at my ultrasound 169 bpm. I have low progesterone so I have been on prometrium. I have been sick but my b___bs feel fine, just itchy at times. Other than that I feel pretty good.


Shel - October 11

Alex, what a strong heartbeat! I have heard if the heart beat is over 140, it's highly likely a girl.


alicia - October 11

Hi, yes i am ten wks, expecting 2nd child in may, i came on here and you have answered the question i had, i feel i am showing much earlier, worse sickness, chest getting bigger, wasn't sure if i was just putting on too much weight or if i really was getting bigger due to pregnancy...haha, i am really happy to hear that you can start sahowing so early this time around....


steph - October 23

This is also my second child & i am due 5/23/06. I did have morning sickness with my son & did throw up everyday for the first trimester. But I am worse with this pregnancy. I can't eat anything when I do it comes right back up. I am sore also. My b___sts have grown a full cup size already. And they are hurting. I have been showing since week 6. My doctor said that the cyst on my ovary is making me look much bigger. It is 6cm large at this time. I also had one that was 10cm with my first baby. I have lost weight because I can't eat anything. My doctor said that I needed to stop taking the vitamens for ten days. I was worried that i am not getting any nutrition. they told me to drink ensures& if that doesn't work I will need to be scheduled for iv treatments...I can't wait to get through this 1st trimester!!!!!!!!! good luck!


Terri - October 24

I am due May 12th with my 2nd and 3rd kids. Yes I am having twins. My morning sicness is horrible and I have been given medicatin to try and reduce it. I am constantly tired and really can wait for this part of the pregnancy to end.


Terri - October 24

I am due May 12th with my 2nd and 3rd kids. Yes I am having twins. My morning sickness is horrible and I have been given medication to try and reduce it. I am constantly tired and really can't wait for this part of the pregnancy to end.


Elena - October 25

I am due May 16th with my first. I have been pretty lucky. No morning sickness just exhaustion. I am so tired! I have to get things done early in the day because by the end of the day I am done! My b___sts are larger and firmer than ever before and I have widened a bit! What a shocker to wake up one morning and all my clothes were too tight! But I am excited! Good luck to all!


Nessie - October 28

Hey, so it's not just me - great! I am now 13 weeks and look like I did when I was 16 weeks with my daughter... at least the nausea has gone now, but I am up a cup size in the breat dept. too! Only 1 more wek until 2nd tri, hoping the ligament pains in my tummy start to subside soon, they are driving me mad! We are planning on finding out the sxe this time, didn't the first time, but I think it's practical the 2nd time to know what you can re-use with clothes etc. Anyone else going to find out this time? Hope all are well, and that everyone else's sickness has subsided as well.


alicia - October 28

yes we are going to find out the s_x this time, didn't on first, but i agree need to sort out reuseable clothes.


karine - October 31

iam ecpecting my third on may 14th 2006!!! this pregnancy is the PERFECT pregnancy LOL no symptoms!!! i feel energectic!!! and full of life. I do have hard time sleeping. And the only nausea i get its, only when i try to eat somthing i dont crave!


Yvonne - October 31

Hi I am also 10 and a half weeks with my second child and i am so glad to read this site to see that there are other people out there experiencing the same things as me. I thought it was all in my head that i was showing so much earlier than the first and that I'm having ligament pains already i really thought that I must be thinking to much about this pregnancy and making things up in my head, when in fact it is perfectly normal in a second pregnancy. I do believe that I must be having a girl this time as i had no sickness with my son but this time round is completely different. Sick most mornings or feeling really sick, b___bs are way bigger already (hate to think what they are going to be like when I am feeding), my back already hurts and i'm only 10 weeks - I get the feeling that it is going to be a long pregnancy. Good luck to all the expecting mums out there.


mary - October 31

im feeling the same all the way but this is my third child and due in may also.


Layla - October 31

I'm also pregnant with my second and am showing earlier than before. I'm only 9 wks and due the first of June but am surprised how much weight shows in my stomach. I still can fit into my regular clothing but I can tell it won't last long. I'm also going to find out the s_x this time around.


Kelley - November 1

Hi to all-this is my first time posting anything, but very much enjoy reading the entries. We are due on May 1st, that makes this week 14, 2nd child, 4th pregnancy. Everything looks great-Just a little queasy with the smell of some food and I doubt I'll make it out of this week still wearing my jeans:) Good luck to all-We're not finding out the s_x of the baby-We didn't the first time, so all the baby clothes are already green or yellow-lol



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