Extreme Nausea HELP

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Danielle - February 24

I am 7 weeks and so nauseous that I can barely function most of the time, my doctor is on vacation for 2 more weeks so i cant see her til then, so i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions to help relief it, im desperate


Kelly - February 25

Ginger has been used on chemo patients and shown to reduce nausea and vomiting in 60% of patients as well as some medications. I'm a pharmacist and that's one thing I recommend to people - it comes in all forms and has been used safely for centuries. I would go to a health food store and they have lozenges and dissolving tablets to make teas and chewy candies, etc etc. Good luck - it will pa__s (although I know that doesn't help right now!)


Leahp - February 25

Hi Danielle, so you have reached the funnest part of pregnancy, oh how I dreaded the nausea!! Nothing seemed to work for me besides 7-up and ginger ale and sleep and more sleep!! I'm almost 11 weeks now and it has pa__sed, there is light at the end of the tunnel!!


Heidi - February 25

Oh I feel for you. I'm six weeks and felt naseous 24/7 this last week but now this morning I feel great. For me I noticed if I eat a lot of little things during the day it helps the sick feeling. I went back to popping sunflower seeds at my desk now and that seems to keep the sickness at bay. Plus they're good for you. When I'd get up in the morning I usually have to pop some sour candy in my mouth before I'd get in the shower, that seemed to help a lot. I hope you find something that works. 7 up helps too. Sometimes nothing helps. I've had one of those days already. I found the morning to be the worst but if I just get up and get moving it seems to subside for a while.


Julie - February 25

I know how you feel I am 7 weeks and the nausea just started a few days ago it is really bad in the morning and at night. I have been eating saltines and drinking gingerale. I did hear that ginger tea works well so I am on my way to get some today.


angie brown - February 27

I'm from Canada and was told by a program here in Toronto called "Motherrisk" that Gravol is safe to take up to 200 mg a day. Also a drug called Diclectin or Dilectin, but you need a prescription for that. I'm nervous about the Gravol so I asked that question here, but my question isn't showing yet. For now I would stick with what the pharmacist said, Ginger, also soda crackers and keeping your stomache full all the time.


charlotte - February 28

I found that having a water bottle with lemmon juice helped me. Also ginger beer. It help to eat and drink before getting out of bed.


A - March 1

I've been nauseous since the begining of my pregnancy, I'm now 34 weeks, and the only relief is lots of gingerale and crackers. Also, eating smaller more frequent meals throughout the day. Lots of bagels or bread. And of course, can't be without my diclectin. My doctor raised my dosage to 8 pills a day - helps but I'm still nauseous quite often. Also, I had to stop my prenatal vitamins because they were adding to the nausea. Hope that helps! Good luck!


jodi - April 28

I just got the "sea band" today and have worn them for the last three hours, I am not really into any type of holistic medicine or accupunture/accupressure but they have worked wonders for the severe nausea that has started this week. I am also going to buy the ginger root pills today too, I will keep you posted!



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