Extremely Tired

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Sarah - February 14

I know its normal to be tired Im 11 weeks and by the end of the day im so tired i can barely stop yawning or keep my eyes open! could this be a lack in iron ? Has anyone else had this problem


sara - February 14

i am 6 weeks pregnant and can't stay awake for the life of me. speaking of, i must go to bed.


Julie - February 14

I am with you! I wake up tired after getting 9 hours sleep and drag throughout the entire day. I am almost 6 weeks. Any advice as to how to gain some energy?


citrouille - February 14

I'm the same way at 7 weeks! Can't keep my eyes open even after a good night's sleep!


Rachel* - February 14

I a so exhausted that I feel like putting my head on my desk and napping. I am having such a hard time staying awake!!


Beth - February 15

Same here, I kick my feet up at work here as much as I can, I sleep on my breaks and my lunch.


Anne - February 15

It could be due to lack of iron, but most women are really tired in the first trimester. Your prenatal vitamin should take care of your iron requirements, but if you're concerned try adding more spinach into your diet. Get as much sleep as you can. That baby is using tons of energy right now developing his/her organs.


Crissy - April 22

I am 10 weeks and also very exhausted. Hubby doesn't understand and he's upset that I'm not spending time with him! I can't stay awake to do laundry or anything else by the time I get home.


chellestoar - April 22

i'm 11 weeks and i'm now starting to get really tired through out the day. I'll have 10 hours of sleep and still have nooo energy what so ever at work. and I stopped drinking coffee...so i'm just at my desk struggling to stay up! Crissy..my husband be getting mad sometimes too n he'll be like "we'll just stay home since you dont want to do anything.." umm, i'm PREGNANT n TIRED?! hello? sheeeeesh. how do you guys stay energized?!?!


Davida - April 22

I sleep at my desk! I cannot fight it anymore! At least the morning sicknees has started to ease off!


chellestoar - April 22

hahaha are you serious? i wish i could. sometimes i'll go in the bathroom and sit on the toilet n rest my head on my lap n take a nap. IT'S A CLEAN BATHROOM THO GUYS!! :)


Davida - April 22

Very! I wait till about noon when most of the dept is out to lunch and I turn up my internet radio and have a little snooze! I'm always awake when everyone comes back and the does wake me up too! I'm sorry but this is tough and I can't have anymore caffeine....


Davida - April 22

sorry...I meant to say: the phone wakes me up! I was in the middle of a yawn!


Jena - April 22

I'm in my 7th week - and I've heard that you get your energy back in the second trimester, so i'm hoping that's true...


Sophia - April 23

I was always a late sleeper, but now I just fall on the bed after dinner. I don't like waking up in the morning either.


Kathy - April 24

I am 5 Weeks 6 days and do okay until I sit down and then it's like oh my gosh I am so freaking tired... I think if I keep going I can block out how tired I am. But as soon as I sit.. I'm done


Denielle - April 25

Hi Kathy! You and I are exactly at the same stage with the pregnancy. Today is the first day of my sixth week. I am so tired too. I spent the whole weekend on the couch and could barely get the dishes and laundry done. When normally I pack my schedule with all sorts of errands and have no problem finishing them. Had a little cramping this morning with some white discharge. Are you experienceing that at all?



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