Face Breaking Out In Pimples

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Carla - July 2

Hi, I am 8 weeks pregnant and are finding that my face keeps breaking out in massive pimples. even on my chest.I clean my face 2 times a day and nothing works. Is it common to get oily or breakouts during pregancy?


stacey - July 2

yeah, I read that it could make you break out.Funny, I just said to my hubby- ugh, my face is all broken out- but I have them on my chest and b___bs too. I'm barely 4 weeks yet!


Michelle - July 3

Yes it is true that pregnancy can cause break outs. My chest and back are broken out, but not my face. Strange! I ordered that Proacitve body wash I'll let you know if that works.


Stacey - July 3

I have that, and was just wondering yesterday if it is safe to use when pregnant- I have to read up on it. It does work- I used to get all broken out by my neck, not anymore!


gockeego - July 3

I've been told that it all depends on how your body reacts to the hormones. Some people told me that their skin was the best ever when they were pregnant. I was not that lucky either. My face, chest, and back all broke out, and it's been hard to control it. Just lucky hormones i guess


Cam - July 5

It sounds like Im not the only one. Im 7 weeks, and my face is turning into a mess. Maybe drinking more water might help? Good luck, I might try the face wash too.


ll - July 5

my back and neck have started breaking out, but I can just use Neutrogena's Acne Body Wash. I've used it in the past for flareups, and it works for me :)


to all - July 6

do you know it is said that when you break out you are going to have a girl. i did. when i was pregnant my face broke out and i had a girl. it will go away alittle in the 2 trimester but come back it the last:} good luck to all.


stacey - July 6

I hope that's true- I would love a little girl :) I was told that the Chinese calendar said I would have a boy, so we'll see. I will be happy with either, but would love to be able to have a girl (most of our friends have boys).


Hanna - July 6

I was told I would get a girl too! My face is a mess! It's like I am back in puberty.. It's also happening in my neck.. haven't seen any appear on my chest yet.. but I'll be watching.. good luck to you all!


stacey - July 8

Today I asked the nurse at my obgyn, about Proactive..she said there isn't a lot written about it out there so she'd stay away from it. I stopped using it a few days ago- just in case :)


to all again - July 9

i tried everything but nothing worked. you just have to keep your face from being oily. which is hard. good luck to you still


jessica - July 9

hey everyone. i am at almost 8 weeks and my face is breaking out all over. i bought mary kay timeless aging creme. it is a face wash and microdermibrasion all in one. i am still using my face wash but not the microdermibrasion. i am going to have to ask mydoc about that one. anyway, the mary kay has really been working for me and it might work for some of you. i used it before so maybe my skin is used to the product. try it, just a thought you never know what might work.


Carrie - July 9

I am six weeks pg and my face looks horrible. Is is safe to use OTC acne medication?


Emma4328 - May 26

ClearPores Acne Treatment - clearpores.com/ct/99781 great results in quick time. this helped me reduce the signs of my acne in time for my brothers wedding!



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