Fact Or Fiction

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Jennifer - October 3

I am interested in your views on the folk tales about pregnancy, for example.. if you carry your baby straight out front its a boy. or if you carry all around you its a girl.. heartburn;; Girl Nausea : Boy * Doing the needle trick..hanging a needle by a thread or your ring off your necklace and going back and forth over your wrist 6 times.. pull straight up and see what comes out of it..Once youve seen the result keep doing it again and again until it stops dead...when it stops no more babies... "round and round" its a girl . "back and forth" its a boy.. for me it went circle, back and forth , back and forth,, now its doing both.. i had a girl and two boys..whats next twins??? and this chinesechart i wonder how truthful it is so far its right on with all my kids..but its the fourth i think i am in denial i want a little girl but it says boy.......guess i ll find out in may........:)


karen - October 3

All just that--folk tales. I don't believe any of them, but they're still fun. There's always a 50-50 chance they are right, so sometimes they end up being accurate. They all say girl for me, so I'm expecting to find out it's a boy. :)


Melita - October 3

A load of hogwash. :P


K - October 3

I think they're just for fun. Most of them said I was having a girl but it's a boy :) Good luck to U!


to Jennifer - October 3

Well, the needle thing is rubbish, because I got the exact opposite of what was predicted, and that more than once. The chinese chart was also exactly the opposite each time. The front-belly, side-belly theory, did actually work for me, spot on. But hey, coincidence..who knows..


Jennifer - October 3

glad to hear the chinese one was wrong for you...lol maybe ill get my little girl..;)


false - October 3

dont believe it. The did it on the View for the gal that was pregnant (sorry i forget her name) and all the tests said she was carrying a boy and she had a girl.Its fun to think about though. If they were right the Chinese calendar said i'd be a boy wellllll....not!! I am very much a girly girl.


Jen - October 4

ooooooooo... those chinese must be messing with me then..lol Q* did you add your luner age?


I dunno - October 4

Seems to me that these myths must have at least a kernel of truth which is why they endure.



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