Faint Positives Over And Over HELP

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Cerendipy - February 3

HI, I am 16 DPO, and got my first positive at 14 DPO (negatives up until that point). 14 DPO, the second line was barely visible, the next day I could definetly see it and the digital read Pregnant, but today, 14 DPO, the lines on FRER and $ tree are still faint. You can see the second line, but its not dark. I guess I am just scared because everything I have read on the internet (I know, very very BAD) says that this could be a sign of a chemical pregnancy. I am having a blood test on Monday...but that is three days away...anyone have any wisdom?


Cerendipy - February 3

Oh, I should say that on 12 DPO and 13DPO, $ tree was negative. I got my first positive on $ tree today, 14 DPO.


grace2 - February 3

Perhaps the line was harder to see because of the time of day you took the test at. I think that the line is more visible if you take the test first thing in the morning. I wouldn't worry about it because those tests are really accurate and a posative is a postive, no matter how faint the line. Congratulations on your pregnancy!


Cerendipy - February 3

It was FMU, and now I have spotting!!!!!! its brown, and I am FREAKING OUT


grace2 - February 3

From what I've been hearing, spotting (especially if it is not bright red) is fairly normal. Could it be implantation bleeding? Try not to worry yourself too much ( I know that's easier said than done). Talking to your doctor will put your mind at ease. What is FMU?


Cerendipy - February 3

Oh, first morning urine. I think its too late for implantation bleeding, because you cannot have the pregnancy hormone before implantation...Unless it just took along time to make it out...oh gosh, freaking out!!!!


grace2 - February 3

I'm not sure but I believe that implantation bleeding can occur alot later than people think. You should read through some of these posts regarding spotting- it is more common than I thought. As long as it is not bright red blood I would rest easy. I'm sorry you have to be going through this stress but you are not alone. Being this early along in pregnancy is terrifying! Every little thing seems like cause for worry but there's nothing that can be made better by worrying. Try to think posative and distract yourself until you can talk to your doctor. I'm sure will will find that your doctor will not be alarmed. Definately look through the other posts though- you're not alone and it will make you feel better knowing that.


tk07 - February 3

yeah, i think that implantation bleeding also can occur when the egg is burrowing deeper into the lining and that can cause spotting. good luck!


ROBYN - February 3

Cerendipy - yes you can bleed old blood its more than likely still from implantation. I am 12 weeks pregnant thru IVF and am currently bedridden from a hematoma which i am constantly bleeding "old blood" everyday it completely sucks. Its like a bad period that never ends. Unfortuntately as early as you are the most answer you will get right now is thru a beta blood on youre doing that on Monday. There is no u/s transv____ally that you could get this early that could confirm anything. But you are pregnant its just very early just remember beta levels need to double every 2-3 days thats the most important sign you will need to look for this early. Keep posting with great updates look forward to hearing your great results on Monday. Good luck to you.


Bellas Mom - February 3

Congratulations! I tested faint positive about 8 times until I took the digital that read pregnant also. I went in to the doctor and I was very pregnant it just depends on the brand you use. Why is everyone talking about implantation bleeding? Are you having any bleeding? I think you shouldn't worry and just wait for your blood test. Everything will turn out fine. Congrats!


Shannon - February 3

you sound pretty darn pregnant to me! i wouldn't worry much about the spotting. if you start getting a really HEAVY flow and pain i'd worry then and call a doc. heck, i've heard stories about women who bleed for months DURING their pregnancy and carry their babies full term. anyway, good luck on monday!


Cerendipy - February 3

Thanks so much ladies! Gotta love this site and all the wonderful woman on it! Still spotting a little, but its a very small amount and still brown. I am trying to calm down, may even take a nice nap...thanks again for all your advice...I will keep posting updates as they develop to let you know that I am ok, which I am sure I (I mean we - the bean and me) are ok! :)


kelley - February 3

Cerendipy, I spotted with both of my first 2 pregnancies, I called the doctor freaked out and both times he said that it was fine... and that as long as the blood was not bright red or accompanied by heavy cramping that it was absolutely normal. I know that it is frightening to see and especially if this is your first pregnancy... I would say that if you are only 16 dpo and did not get your first + until 14 dpo that you are fine... wait a few more days and test again. My opinion is that you are indeed very pregnant and you need to stop testing for a few days... Congratulations and welcome the 9 months of worry (and the many years following that) ... you thought that the 2ww was bad... it only gets more worrisome from here on out. Good luck!



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