Fainting Dizziness

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Amy - May 22

Hi ladies. I had some sort of a really weird "spell" earlier today and it scared me really badly. I am 11w 2d with my first baby. All of the sudden today my face got extremely hot, within about 30 seconds my whole body felt like it was on fire, I got really dizzy/light headed, felt extremely nauseous, almost passed out, and felt like I couldn't breath, it felt like my chest was closing up or something. I was trying to take deep breaths but it felt like I wasn't getting any air. I sat down for about 10 minutes and it started easing up, but I've been really nauseous and light headed ever since that happened. Before that I felt totally fine. I had recently eaten lunch and I had plenty of fluids so I know that wasn't the problem. Also I was in air conditioning so I wasn't over heated and I'm not on any kinds of medication that could've caused this. Anyone ever had this happen or have any thoughts??? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks ladies.


Justine - May 23

Amy - I went through a dizzy phase around 12 weeks and felt dizzy, hot and sick. I din't get tested but in my case it seemed to be low blood sugar as it improved when I eat every 2 hours or so. I'm 15 weeks now and it's gone fortunately. Common causes of dizziness are low blood sugar (dizzy and sick), low blood pressure (light headed and dizzy) and anaemia (feel tired and pale) - your doctor can test for all of these. I used to have low blood pressure and the dizziness from that felt quite different - didn't feel sick but it did get worse after eating so could be what you have. Blood pressure does lower until middle of second trimester. Under 110 for the top reading is low. Hope this helps.


Angee - May 23

Hi there, I know what you feel like. Iam 12 weeks pregnant with my third child, and in the last few weeks have been experiencing the very same symptoms. I had it checked out and my DR said it could be due to hormonal changes and changes in blood pressure, as alot of fluid goes to the baby. They found out I had low blood sugar and low iron, but especially low blood pressure, which can cause these fainting/dizziness and hot flashes symptoms. Just to be safe, I would advise you to talk to your GP. My DR also had me go for ECG and a heart monitor, just to make sure my heart was ok. I have have to see a cardiologist for the results, but so far everything is ok, and it looks like it is just low blood pressure, and the episodes would often happen when I exerted myself too much or went from a sitting to standing position (as all the blood would then rush down out of my head causing loss of oxygen and subsequently fainting or dizziness and low pressure). I am sure everything is ok, but just get it checked to be safe. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!


Amy - May 23

Thank you ladies very much for your help. I really appreciate it. I called my doctor this morning and he said to eat every 2-3 hours (in case its low blood sugar) and to get some rest. My next visit is scheduled for the 31st and he said as long as I don't have another really bad "episode" that it will be fine to wait until then to get it checked out. Thanks again ladies.


sherrie - June 13

im about three and a half weeks preg and that happened to me i got really nauseous and dizzy while i was at work so dont worry ur not alone but i dont know about u but it worries me just take it easy hon things will get better and if they dont see your doctor


erica - June 13

Amy, It can always be from tension or stress. Have you been stressing out lately. I have been feeling the same thing lately. I asked my doctor and she said that it can be 2 things. Hormonal or stress. I think it's stess. I been stressing at work.



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