Fall Mommies

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katt76 - January 30

Hey guys its Katt76 well Kathleen!! Glad we are all getting together for the first trimester!! Great to have the support!


KLB - January 30

Hiii. I got 4 BFP's on Jan 13. I have my first appt. on Feb 3rd so 4 more days, it feels like I've been waiting forever! I just started getting morning sickness last week but it lasts all day. It is awful! I am definatly asking for some m/s medicine. I dont know how far along I am.. Probably around 6 weeks.


katt76 - January 30

I never had morning sickness with my first and I am lucky enough not to have it now. I am six weeks and five days! But I found out early two weeks after conception my cylce is 28 days to the date! LOL. I had one ultrasound done and they saw three sacs, so I have to go back next Monday so they can see if there are anymore babies, they only saw one baby so far but three sacs, only problem is I was so early they could not guarantee me more babies would not pop up in sacs!! I would not mind twins but three is alot. And I am all natural no drugs or invitro! I am 29!!!


madison - January 30

i would like to join fall mommies! i am now 7 weeks 1 day, due on sept. 18! my 1st appt is on feb. 9. feels like i've been waiting forever for this appt! so when are all of you going to tell your friends and family that you are pregnant?!


katt76 - January 30

Well Madison I am making sure everything is ok with my pregnancy first if you read my last post you will see what my situation is. My due date is September 20th. I have an ultrasound on Monday and my doctors appt feb 22nd. They have to do ultrasound now to find out what is going on with me. When are you gonna tell?? How old are you??? I am 29 this is my second.


Betul - January 30

Hi Fall Mommies! I love this site...I have learned so much from so many wonderful and thoughtful women! Finally got my BFP last week after 1 year of ttc #2...Everything natural and I am 38 (almost 39). I am due Oct 6th and we have only told immediate family...want to wait a bit longer before making the announcement. I had no m/s with #1 and so far no m/s this time (although I know it is still early). My first dr.'s appt. is Feb. 16th!! Yeeah!


katt76 - January 30

Hey Betul, Congratulations! So a new baby at 39! WOW! Now is this your first baby? I am 29 this is my second baby, my son is four years old! My due date is September 20th, i am six weeks five days! Well good luck to you, hopefully we will talk and help eachother out through the first trimester. I am having some complications already. Well I have three sacs, only one viable baby to date, but they said it is very early and more babies could pop up possibility of three total. I will find out how many for sure next Monday, there is one definately. I have been spotting, and small clotting, but Doc thinks it is other sacs leaving body. Does not think I am miscarrying no cramping, and stuff only comes out with urination. So I am waiting to see how things go. Good luck to you!


madison - January 30

katt76- good luck to you, let us know how everything goes on monday! oh, i am 29 and this is my first pregnancy. we've only told my sister, i think we're going to wait till our first dr. appt until we tell our parents and rest of our family. i've heard its safer to wait until 10 weeks but i dont know if i can wait that long before telling everyone our news!?


katt76 - January 30

Yeah it is hard to wait. I will let you know how everything goes on Monday! It seems a million years away, I can't stand the waiting!


newmommy - January 30

Hi, fall mommies!! I'd love to join your chat group. I am almost 27 and pregnant with our first baby! I think that I'm due Sept. 5th or so, making me about 9 weeks now. I go to the doctor on Wednesday, and I can't wait!!! I just want to hear the heartbeat, and I'd love to see an u/s. I've had some m/s, but I'm not sure if it's that or the prenatal pills! I'm glad to have some others due close to me to talk to!!!


katt76 - January 31

Hey new mommy! Congratulations on your new baby! Can't wait to hear all these stories as time pa__ses on. Hope to talk soon.


safokken - January 31

Hi everyone, its great to find a chat group with the same due dates. I will be 35 on Feb. 6th and due Sept. 24th with my second. My son is 10 months old so we didn't wait long. I bought him a shirt that says "I'm going to be a big brother". Its fun to see how long it takes people to figure it out. I've only told a few close family members so far. Three sacs? Thats so exciting! I really want twins. Both my grandparents are twins so I'm hoping I received a gene somewhere. I don't see my doctor until Feb. 28th which seems so far away. I've been struggling with nausea and tiredness a bit. Also insomnia for some insane reason.


Betul - January 31

Good Morning mommies! How is everyone feeling this morning? Katt, this is mine and DH #2 child (we have a 3 year old DS). BUT I also have 4 sons from a previous marriage (19, 16, 14, and 13). I never had morning sickness either so I guess I shouldn't be too concerned that I don't feel it now...I guess I am a little more sensitive to all the signs and sxs because of my age and fear of miscarrying. I keep telling myself it is still early! lol. I am only about 4.5 weeks. Is anyone still charting their temps even though they are pregnant? I read somewhere that it was a good idea to chart temps during the first trimester...Safokken, I 've been having a problem with insomnia too. I am really tired in the evening and try to make it to bed by 9:00 but I usually get up once or twice a night to pee and I have the most difficult time falling asleep...very restless and I think its throwing my temps off.


safokken - January 31

Thats interesting about charting temps. I haven't been doing that but I knew I was pregnant two weeks after conception because my temp jumped to 99.9. For me thats high, because I don't get fevers and my normal temp is 96.9-97.3. since then, my temp has been around 98. I guess I'll keep track a little better now. Has anyone experienced any elevated liver enzyme count after giving birth?


SaraD - January 31

Congrats girls!! Well I am 6w 3d and due Oct 23rd. Has anyone already had an u/s?


gcmickens - January 31

Hi KLB, katt76, Madison, Betul, NewMommy, Safokken & SaraD! So HAPPY to be here with all of you for the 1st Trimester! Deb, hope to see you here soon too! SaraD, so glad you found this thread :-D My due date is Oct. 7th, 2 1/2 weeks after yours :-) Betul, how wonderful you finally got your bfp after a whole year of ttc! We're both due at the same time! Well, how's everyone feeling today? Is anybody as poooooooooooooooooped as I am? I went to bed at 8 pm last night - good thing dh is willing to watch my 2-year old for an extra hour, cause I just konked out! Other than that, I'm eating like a horse and feel like I'm really bloated....yuk - I've GOT to get into a regular exercise program or I fear I will balloon out to a very unacceptable size waaaaaaaaaaaay too soon! I get nausea of course, on and off, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to eat anything in sight LOL! Luckily no headaches, but sometimes I feel dizzy if I get up too quickly... isn't THAT wierd at just 5 weeks!!! I have to make my first doc' appointment today, so don't know when I'm going yet... when is the normal time for visit #1 - I forgot when I went the 1st time for my son - duh!


meg - January 31

Hi ladies! I'm hoping I can join you. I am pg. w/ my first & due on Sept. 12...I'm 8 weeks today. So far, other than being a bit tired, I feel great...symptoms wise that is. I get quite nervous at times that I don't have any symptoms! I did see the hb about 2 weeks ago, so that made me feel better. I have my next appt. on Mon., so I'm really looking forward to that. Good luck to you all!



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