Falling Asleep At Work

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enail - June 6

Any tips from those of you who work outside of the home, on how to keep from lying down on your desk? I am just in my 5th week of pregnancy and very exhausted throughout the day. Working full time and I don't think the boss would appreciate it if I took a nap . . . anyone go through this and have some tips? I would love to hear them! Thanks!


jessa - June 6

coffee....but not too much two 5 oz. cups a day max


Kathy - June 6

I work full time and have a rotation schedule I drink one cup of tea a day about half way through my day and when I have a break or something I put my head down. I am now 12 weeks and starting to feel better I can get through my whole shift with out taking a nap. Good luck it is hard but it gets better. Take care of yourself and try taking a day or two off here and there to rest.


TCM - June 6

I understand EXACTLY how you feel - had the same problem (I am now 12 weeks and starting to feel better). I had one cup of coffee late in the afternoon to get me through the last 2 hours and every hour had a small snack (fruit or crackerbread etc) - helped keep me awake but concentrating was still difficult. Told my boss last week about my pregnancy and he had thought I had started hating my job because of how lethargic I always was. Its hard!


Alison - June 7

HI enail! I am feeling really tired too (10 weeks on Friday) Is your work in an appropriate location that you can get out for a short walk at lunch time? I am very fortunate in that my work is near Aberdeen beach so if it's a nice day (happens occasionally!) I can have a gentle stroll there in my lunch hour. Also about a 5 minute walk is an Asda Walmart so just now I am walking there & back to buy my lunch. Sometimes I can't be bothered but it seems to help to get out of the office and get some fresh air. When I get home from work I make sure I have a sit/lie down for a bit before making the tea etc. Then as long as it's a free evening I tend to lie on the settee while DH & I watch tv so I can doze off if I need to! lol! it is a regular thing these days that he wakes me up to go to bed! Drink lots of water so you don't get dehydrated as that can make you more tired. Keep snacks at hand and nibble throughout the day to keep your energy up-lots of fruit or dried fruit! I'm not sure what else to suggest but I sympathise-sometimes I could just put my head down on my desk and sleep! Take care enail great to be posting each other on the 1st Trimester board! :o)


enail - June 7

Thanks ladies for the tips!! Alison, nice to see you hear too! I had a cup of tea yesterday afternoon around 3, and a few times during the afternoon, I actually sat at my desk and closed my eyes for about 30 seconds! Concentrating, that is another story. I don't plan to tell boss until after 12 weeks. I do work on a campus that is very pretty and can take walks during lunch, has just been so hot lately, and of course have felt more like lying down than walking, but I am sure if I can get motivated, the walk will help. Thanks again!



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