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annie - February 24

After I began spotting 5 days ago, I went to the doctor who took my hcg levels. They were at 5700 (I'm 7 weeks along). Three days later, they were at 5300. I was then diagnosed as having a miscarriage, however after having an ultrasound the next day, it was determined that the fetus was alive with a strong heartbeat. What am I to make of this? I'm concerned about my hcg levels, and because my husband is in the military, doctors on post are very limited It's not possible for me to be seen for another 3 weeks.


PP - February 25

I feel your pain on the military doctor thing. Your husband must be in the Army??? My husband is Air Force. I had a very troubled first trimester. If you want to get seen more quickly just call and say you have cramping. That worked for me.


PP - February 25

I Also believe that a good heartbeat is paramount. I am near several Army bases if you are near other bases you can always check availability at a nearby facility. What base are you stationed?


Amy - February 25

Good guess. Yes, my husband is in the army and just left for Iraq 3 weeks ago. We're stationed at a very small base is southern California. Ever hear of Fort Irwin? Anyway, I got a call today from one of the doctors who allowed me ask all the questions I wanted, and he basically said the same thing you did--the heartbeat is what we're looking at now. Where is family stationed? What kind of problems did you have in your first trimester?


PP - February 26

I found out about this pregnancy with onset of pain and bleeding. Went to the ER because of prior miscarriages and ectopic pregnancy and found out I was pregnant5 weeks and was told there was a sac, nothing in it and that I was miscarrying. Went home, waited bleeding continued for 3 weeks. I went back weekly for ultrasounds and they couldn't find a pole or a baby. After 3 weeks I stopped bleeding and they found a pole. They still told me it was no n viable. The next week we found a heartbeat and now at 19 weeks I am having a healthy baby. My HCG was very low and failed to double almost every time falling once at 7 weeks. I continued to have spotting throughout my first trimester and my doc thinks I might have miscarried a twin. I had 2 luteal cysts indicating that I had ovulated twice that month. Anyway now I can feel the baby and I am really excited. Good luck and keep me posted. My email is [email protected] I'm near DC. I will keep your husband in my prayers.


~m~ - February 27

PP, when your levels fell, how far did they fall? On Friday morning, mine were 490. I had some "tightening" all day Friday, extremely light spotting Saturday morning, so I went to the ER, they said my levels were 232 and that I was miscarrying. But it's 24 hours later, and I still "feel" pregnant, and no bleeding whaatsoever. Any thoughts?


PP - March 1

to ~m~: my levels went from 12000 to 16000 to 10000 then to 9000 then we quit checking. I had spotting. I hope this works out for you. I will keep you in my prayers.



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