Father Anxiety

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Cari - May 31

My husband and I were trying to get pregnant and the minute we did, he became distant. I know he is nervous, but he will hardly talk about it with me. He brags to other people about how excited he is, but I feel like he can hardly look at me. This is our first child so we certainly have changes to make to incorporate this baby in our livestyles. Has anyone else experienced a similar situation with the father of your baby?


Nell143 - May 31

I am in a different situation. My dh is very excited. However he can't seem to deal with me and my hormones. I have no control sometimes. I miss the couple we use to be. I miss me. I want my baby but I didn't think I would change so much. I know it isn't me it is the hormones and m/s but it is very hard to get through everyday. I feel like my d/h doesn't want to even be around me. I scare him away and he doesn't want to talk to me about a lot of things because my reactions can sometimes be irrational.


frankschick2001 - May 31

My hormones have been creating a tense atmosphere at home as well. CARI: Don't worry about your husband's att_tude just yet. If I were you, try to keep a lid on talking about it too much just yet. It's still early and it doesn't need to be the focus of every conversation. Sometimes men worry that they'll never have their "old lives" back and that they won't like th echange. If the woman talks about the baby too much, this can add to his anxiety. Just go about the day like you are not even pregnant, talk about it with girlfriends and he will come around on his own soon enough, don't worry. NELL143: Unfortunately, I don't think hormonal reactions can be controlled too much. Esoecially with thepeople you live with. When I get nasty with my BF, I remind him that putting up with my nastiness right now is the EASY part and that I have the harder job in this situation. But keep reminding him that this is all temporary and that you are not trying to be mean, you just can't help it, and you need to snap out sometimes.



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