Fear Of Father Leaving

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Britt - July 1

Hi all. I am about 7 weeks pregnant (due Feb 18). So far, everyone has been really supportive, including the baby's father. I've read about a lot of people being afraid of miscarriage or money or raising a child, but my biggest fear is that my boyfriend will change his mind about sticking around as the pregnancy progresses. I've talked to him about it, and of course he swears he's not going anywhere. I'm still terrified of this. Any advice?


Hanna - July 2

Has your bf ever given you reason to believe that he might, at some point, ever walk out on you? That might give you reason to believe that he will (still doesn't mean that he really will!). If he has never talked about this at all, I think you have every reason to trust him! It is his baby too! Why would he walk away from his own child and his girlfriend? Everyone gets scared during pregnancy at some point wondering if everything will be alright.. You believed in your bf when you tried to get pg, so believe in him now you are!


Lily - July 3

I think you need to relax and take a deep breath...I think Hanna has a good point. If he's given you any reason to believe otherwise it still doesn't mean he will...And if he hasn't given you reason, try not to bombard yourself with unnecessary worry. Everyone does have fears every now and then, and it's completely normal! I encourage you to talk openly with your BF about how YOU feel about the pregnancy, and in doing so, you might open him up to talking openly about his own feelings...Talk about things you would like to do with your child, or stuff like disipline, family matters, schooling, baby hygene, and what changes you think might or will take place after you bring the baby home...Congrats! And Good Luck!


mel - July 8

Congrats on your new baby . If a man wants to deny or walk out on the child that they helped create , well then i would say adios and raise the child on my own. It is unfortunate but do you really want to be with someone who doesnt want to take responsibility for his actions? It will be hard but God will provide and help you. Good luck



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