Fear Of Morning Sickness

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jezebel1018 - October 8

Im coming to 1st trimester because you all are going through it right now. i have a ocd and an obsessive fear of vomiting. so much so that i always said i would never have kids. well that changed a little recently because my husband, who married me knowing all of this, told me he gets jealous when he sees other men w/their kids and my heart broke for him. so 5 months ago we started trying. this month, i did serious charting and we hit it right on the head, we did the every other day thing, including the o. honestly every month i am a little relieved and a little disappointed at the same time. but this month seems different. and this is the last month this year we were going to try because im little and i didnt want to be huge and delivering in august. i dont know yet if im pregnant or not, but i do know this month is different. heres my question. my dr gave me a prescription for zofran to use prophylactically. she told me i could take it every day if i wanted to, even if i dont need it. i figured this would provide me comfort knowing that if i feel sick that i have a solution (since i cant take anxiety medication to control my fear) but im still scared. my fear is that if i start throwing up, i will never stop...and then ill die. i know, its irrational but i have been able to prevent myself from throwing up for 17 years now....not for lack of needing to. im also very thin because i dont eat enough already due to this fear. ive had food poisoning, stomach viruses and even passed kidney stones all without actually throwing up...no simple task believe me. when i passed the kidney stone iw as laying in bed w/my head hung over the side, mouth watering and verything just praying please god let me throw up this is horrible. i cant physically let myself. i think after all these years of me telling myself that if i throw up i will die, my body actually believes it. my dr thinks this is all hilarious, mind you , and was ademant (sp) that i do not HAVE to throw up when im pregnant but i guess now that im feeling the way i am this month im really getting scared. im sorry this is so long. i guess i need some comfort since im afraid to take my anxiety medication until i know whether or not im pregnant. i am about 6-7 dpo. thank you for reading. i feel better just getting it out. i wouldnt want to take any medication at all but by the same token, at 5'3" 97 lbs, i cant afford to lose even 1 lb.


sarah21 - October 8

Well they say that about 50% of women actually throw up from morning sickness. So there is a good chance that you won't even experience it. There are a lot of women that don't throw up from it and are just nauseous. Personally, I found I didn't have a choice; I wouldn't even feel that bad but all of the sudden I was retching and it was coming up. Just don't allow yourself to get hungry and it will go a lot smoother for you. Good luck and I hope it all works out for you.


jezebel1018 - October 8

ok so i checked my calendar and i am actually 8 dpo. since yesterday i feel like i have my period, full b__wn, cramps, b___hy, sore nipples, soooo ga__sy & bloated but i am a week away from af and have never experienced cramping like this outside of af. also when i wiped this morning i saw that the tp was tinged. all i want to do is take advil for the cramps but i am afraid to in case i am pregnant. is this normal? or is my period just coming super duper early? sarah ty for your reply. i dont know what i would do if i had it like that. what would i do at work? good thing im getting my own office soon i guess lol


sarah21 - October 9

Well it sounds like you could be pregnant. I experienced period- like symptoms for a week before my period, which was not normal. And I had a lot of cm. And I actually took motrin because I was positive my period cramps were coming-- it hurt so bad-- and I know if I let them get out of hand I will be crying and curled up on the bed for an hour while the medicine kicks in. So now I feel bad for taking it but it was only the one time and things are fine still. But I would take tylenol instead if the pain gets to be too much. Soooo good luck with that. As for puking at work, thankfully it never happened to me. I got sick in the car on the way to work, on the way home from work (keep containers to barf in handy), at home, at my mom's house, but never at work. They actually make barf bags that are fairly discrete and stuff that you could keep at your desk in case of an emergency. They sell them here morningsicknesshelp.com/red-e-bag.html


Allisonc79 - October 9

I think just b/c your fear has lasted 17 years doesn't give you a ticket to uphold it. You know everyday is another chance to change it. I had a fear of getting sick in public so I managed to spend much of the first 12 weeks at home most of the time. I was too nauseated to do much. I was throwing up daily at one point so itleast I quickly got over my fear. Let me tell you its not like throwing up when you have the stomach flu or food poisoning where you have the stomach cramps and major vomiting etc. You just feel nauseated and can get sick a little bit, like when a baby spits up. Then you feel 100 times better. I remember it was the only relief I got sometimes. It also helps to think of it like this , it isn't so bad as your doing it.. b/c your not freaking out abt it anymore..its the moment before you do when you feel your about to that is the worst part. The nausea is worse really. sorry if tmi, good luck.


HeavenisMine - October 10

Ahhh yes emetophobia...I have suffered with that for as long as I can remember, and I never threw up from morning sickness. I got it terribly, got really nauseous, but always found ways to supress it, and they worked! I did throw up once at twelve weeks, but that is because I finally allowed myself, just to see, as freaky as it was. I only did it once....and it wasn't even much, and while it was happening it was like sneezing, I didn't think the whole time. I think we fear what we'll be thinking, and how we will breath when we vomit. It stinks! But it wasn't so bad. Now that I am over 34 weeks, I get some heartburn and reflux but it is manageble. Just take some deep breaths and if your pregnant, relax, and find ways that work for you, Remember you don't have to be ill. It's pregnancy, not a bowel obstruction.:)


jezebel1018 - October 10

ok good. as long as my spectacular suppression abilities can continue to be put to good use during pregnancy i'll be set! i would probably allow myself to do it once or twice too just to see because i would know that its normal. i love reading the posts where women are all nervous over NOT getting sick...they keep asking whats wrong w/me and im over here thinking youre LUCKY! its interesting what you say about how you will breathe, etc, its true, i think about that too. and LMAOOO at the pregnancy not bowel obstruction, you are absolutely right. thank you so much i actually feel better now that i have heard from a fellow emetophobe.



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