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Maggie - June 15

Ok, this is for all us early birds due in February '06. Lets all be supportive of each other, and share our war stories!


Tara - June 15

hi, I am 5 weeks with our 3rd and due somewhere in the middle of February. My first dr appt is on the 30th, ugh... I can't HARDLY wait! I wanna know if everything's fine. Have you gone to ur first appt yet?


Heather - June 15

Pregnant with my first, due Feb. 12th! So excited, but so worried about miscarrying. Anybody else feeling anxious?


Patricia - June 15

Hi Maggie.......I'm due Feb 6th also!! Congrats!!


Karen - June 15

Hi! Congrats to all. I am also a little over 5 wks and scared. I am due mid-Feb and have first appt in July. Just got my progesterone level back and it is low-6.8. Anyone else with similar prob?


Tammee - June 15

Karen, my progesterone level was down 2 weeks ago and my DR was really concerned, so he put me on 200mg 3xaday of prometrium, they are inserts, and seem to be working...I had an ultrasound today and it looks like I'm 5 1/2 weeks and we were able to see the heart beat! Talk to you DR,. and see if he is going to put you on anything. Good luck! keep me posted!


Nadia - June 15

Hi everybody, I am due mid-feb. I am 5 weeks with my 2nd and have been ttc for 6 months. Im so excited. My daughter has turned 2 in april. Also, my 1st appointment is on July 19th.


bella - June 16

Just found out I am pregnant. Due in february 2006. I think we all need to keep in touch and support each other.


hle - June 16

hey everyone!!!! Congrats to all of us!!! I'm due 4 feb and just started getting sick instead of just feeling like I was. It took me a week longer with this one to be miserable than with my first one! Still thrilled!! First dr's appt is 28 june!


Diana - June 16

Great! Not to be a downer, but I suffered 2 miscarriages last year, 1 at 13 weeks and the other at 5 mths. I cant get excited yet! Please help! I want to be excited abt being in this club!!!!


Sha - June 16

Hello Ladies! I just found out that im 4 weeks preg. Due on february 2006, dont know yet the exact date but i think it will be on the 2nd or 3rd week of the month. This is my 2nd pregnancy and im so excited! My 1st child was also born last February 7, 2001. Best Luck to all of us!! :-)


Shauna - June 16

Congrats everyone! I'm due around middle of feb. This is my first and don't know what to expect! I didn't even realise that morning sickness hit this early!!! First appointment tomoro. what will happen?


Amy - June 16

Hi maggie it't amy i'm due feb 19 i think i don't go to ob till june 30 how about you?


Karen - June 16

**Tammee** I was put on 200 mg prometrium and am getting a blood test this morning. I will let you know how it goes.


Tara - June 16

I just found out Monday that I was pregnant. I'm due Feb. 21st. I'm scared b/c I had a miscarriage in March. So far my prog. is 37, so that's a good sign. My first appt. isn't until late July, I'll be anxious until then!


Lola - June 16

This is my first time being pregnant (due in Feb. 06). How far along should we be before we have our first appt?


bella - June 16

This will be my little miracle. I had a still birth on march 29th,2005 at 39 weeks. I have my first appt july 15th, I am so scared



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