Feeling Alone

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Sara - October 13

Me and My husband have been ttc for 5 months.I just took 6 hpt's and all were really,really light positive.I told my husband and thought he would as excited as I am but he hasn't really shown he's excited or really talk about it like he still dosen't believe it.I makes me really sad like I am going through this by myself.Is anyone else going through this?How do I prove to him that I really am pregnant?


MooBaby - October 13

Hi Sara, don't be sad. Your husband is probably going through shock. I got a positive with my hpt the day after I missed my period, and my husband didn't believe it. We have been ttc.... but for some reason he says "are you sure? No way... can't be." WHAT?? We have been ttc? What's so shocking?? So I took another test and it was a very faint positive again (like the first) and he still didn't believe it. So I called my doc to schedule an appt, and she said "You got a positive on a hpt, then your pregnant!" Don't worry, your DH will come around! Mine is finally showing a little excitement, but scared because he wants to be a good daddy. How far along are you? I am 5 weeks and now my DH is out of town for business!! I am going crazy by myself!!


Chrissy - October 13

Hey,everything will work out.Congrats on the BFP.Good luck


Monique - October 13

Sara, get a digital test and let him READ the word PREGNANT. It helped it sink in with my dh!! good luck


lily - October 26

Mine barely reacted, it wasn't until we had my parents over for dinner ( I was 6 weeks) and we told them the news that he started to behave like it was real. Don't worry, he'll be fine.


For Sarah - October 26

just a suggestion........why dont u come in for a blood preggy test and then once you get your results ask for a paper copy and show it to him. hope that helps!


lexy - October 27

I have found an amazing site which may help you - http://www.paternityangel.com It may help you understand a little about men's emotional journey and if you introduce it to him he'll be able to get his head round it in his own way...we do tend to have certain expectations of our dh's that they are frankly unaware of... god bless your new family x


Alyssa - October 27

Sara - It's really nothing to worry about :) I feel like I was in the same situation as you. It was like my hubby had a hard time believing it until it was confirmed by the doctors (same with some of my relatives.) Also, I think it's can be a male thing sometimes :) Not every male is like this, but males sometimes don't seem to have a reaction to anything, including a pregnancy! Good luck! Talk to him about it. I did and everything was tons better!


KS - November 1

My huasband has been wanting a baby for several years. We were trying and getting no where (I have a lot of endometriosis and other issues that were complicating the situation. I am now 10 weeks preg. and he doesn't act happy or excited at all. He is crabby as a mater of fact. He says that he is happy, but becuase he is not an emotional person he is not showing it. I feel really sad and alone in this as well! Anyone else in this position??


mama-beans - November 1

perfectly normal. We are 8 weeks on baby #2, spend thousands and almost 2 years to get baby #1.. and this one was "free" so quite a surprise! He is VERY happy about the pregnancy, yet he isn't excited... and if this is at all like the 1st time, it really won't hit home till he sees the ultrasound.... and maybe not even then. Some men, it takes HOLDING your child to really make it real for them.......... but they all ( of the pregnancies that are wanted) are thrilled then. Happy Papa's.


Barbara - November 3

My BF was very excited when he found out but when he saw an ultra sound at the ER.. his face was price less.... he looked shocked and paranoid... a little quite afterwards but then he was happy again... i guess that was his moment of "oh my god"... i wish i had a camera that day. For those of you who feel alone.. Just talk to them and explain that you are feeling alone and wish that they were a bit more attentive.



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