Feeling Movement With Twins

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Angie - October 6

If you are carrying twins can you feel movement earlier? If so how early?


Hanna - November 2

hello I dont know but im feeling movement at 9 weeks


To hanna - November 2

No way. Thats not possible.


to: to hanna - November 3

how do you know what another women is feeling? hanna might be really skinny, and able to feel things much earlier on. i had a friend who weighed about 100 pounds, and she said that when she was about 10 weeks she could feel the baby on her left side, sure enough when she went in for an u/s at her 12 week mark, her baby was implanted into the left side of her uterus...so i dont think that she was making it up. however angie, i dont really know what you should be feeling right now. when are you going to your next doctor appointment, and how far along are you?


To Angie - November 3

My bestfriend delivered twins (both boys) last Thanksgiving and from her experienced she said that she felt them during end of 1st tri. So, Im sure if your carrying twins you would feel them early too. Goodluck!


Plus 1 more info.. - November 3

My bestfriend is skinny and its her 2nd pregnancy....so Im sure she knows what she was feeling when she was carrying the twins in her womb.


I am tiny - November 6

I must say that it might matter...I know for certain that I felt my son move and I was only 10 weeks along. He moved so much during the pregnancy anyways, and it was only when I was laying down at night (his time to move a lot) and if I was really paying attention I could feel the flutters! It was wonderful! But with my second, I didn't feel anything until after 12 weeks. To this day my first child is all over the place and my second child is calm. it so fun to watch them grow up and they are so different! People thought I was just making it up or didn't know what I was talking about...so I just kept it to myself after so many didn't beleive me. My husband felt him move at 12 weeks and I hear that that is very early for someone else to feel and so I know it wasn't all "in my head". Just enjoy it!!!!!



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