Feeling Nervous

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rzblossom - January 23

Im rzblossom and am three weeks pregnant, typically only one week, minus the two week gap from the first day of my last period. I had a miscarriage in Sept. 06, was my husbands first child. We were both pretty upset enough to be afraid to try again. I guess we healed emotionally and have tried again, and I am pregnant, but I am begining to have fears about the miscarriage from before. I dont know if we could handle it. Im 38 and I would like to have one more before I have a tubal ligation. This is my year for trying. Is there anyone else who has these fears and what have you done about them to help you stay encouraged?


CaseyB - January 24

Hi! I had a miscarriage in September as well and felt the same way as you are this pregnancy. My husband had been very reluctant to get excited for fear the same thing would happen. The only thing that has given me piece of mind was getting the blood tests to test my HCG levels and they are very high and are more than doubling every 48 hours. Have you had an HCG test yet?


friendtilthend - January 24

Hello I too had a fetal demise in aug 06 It was my husband first child I am currently 12 wks and 4 dys. I am still scared. Last time I went to the hospital for cramping and found out the baby had stopped growing. I still get scared when I go to the dr afraid of hearing the same thing. I do feel a little better knowing I am almost done with my first trimester. But I don't think that being afraid feeling will ever go away completely. I have an apt on friday and if everything goes well will be purchasing a fetal doppler just for self rea__surance here at home.


mrs.raymond - January 24

hi, i am very scared also i have never had a miscarriage but two of my friends have had miscarriages in the last month, i cant imagine what it would be like to lose this baby or any baby for that matter but right now its all i can think about every time i feel a cramp or get dizzy i think "oh no...this is it" i am only in my 5th week so anything could happen i guess, this is my second child but with my first i didnt find out i was pregnant until i was in my 13th week so when i saw the ultrasound everything was there and alright i didnt have to worry....i dont know i guess i just wanted to say yeah i am really nervous too i hope everything works out for all of us...; )


debbie80 - January 24

Hi rzblossom- I can understand how you are feeling right now. DH and I have been trying for 2.5 years and we did fall pregnant twic and both ended with a m/c and one d/c. I am 8.5 weeks pregnant and the only thing that makes me feel things are okay is that I have seen the heart beat twice already and I have ban m/s..its like a routine for me now. Just hang in there..things will be just fine. I am scared every day I wake up...but I know the big guy always has a plan for us...I think this one is a keeper for you and for all of us! Congrats on your BFP!


rzblossom - January 24

CaseyB No I have not had an HCG test yet. I am sure that when I get to an appointment I will share my fears with the Doctor and maybe he/she will be able to show me some kind of proof that things will be ok. Thank You


rzblossom - January 24

friendtilthend: I guess your right that afraid feeling may never go away. I had a scarey time with my son, who is 17 now, I had placenta previa with him and was confined to bedrest rest 24 hours a day for about 3 to 4 months and then I had to watch myself until he was born. He's pretty healthy 5.11 boy. Take it one day at a time. Thank You


rzblossom - January 24

Mrs.Raymond: Yes, anytime someone is pregnant I guess its scary. It was hard because you tend to blame yourself for it, when it is just instict when is not right that it correct itself. Thank You


rzblossom - January 24

Debbie80: Yes God does have his plans and they are for good, thanks for reminding me.



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