Feeling Queasy All Day

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Beth - August 13

I am just about 8 weeks and just about 2-3 days ago... I began feeling queasy all day long. I feel so tired too. I haven't been throwing up but I can hardly do anything except lay down!!! Anyone have any ideas/strategies to help?! I have been taking TUMS, trying to eat bland foods, but I just can't seem to shake it. I'm a teacher so I have been able to lay low...but starting next week that will all change and I am wondering how I am going to get through a whole day feeling like this!Anyone?!! Thanks!!!


Lisa D - August 13

I feel your pain. I am tired ALL the time. However, I find the busier I am the easier. The second my job slows down I immediately feel exhasted. Hopefully if your cla__s keeps you busy you won't have time to realize you are tired until the end of the day. As for the queasy feeling, I have it all day also (ever since 6 weeks). Here's what I have read and some of it I have done: Eat crackers before getting out of bed. Get out of bed slowly. Eat small meals all day to keep food in your stomach (this helps me a lot!). Also, my doctor told me to take 100mg of Vit B6. This has helped the last two days. Last night I woke up feeling really bad and took it at about 4am; I am doing much better today. Sorry I don't have any magical answers, but good luck.


Shannon - August 13

I did the same thing. From six week to just this week (10). I hope it goes away soon. I know this sounds silly but with all of my pgs I love 1 tsp of vanilla ice cream, it seemed to calm my tummy enough to eat a small portion of something I like. Good luck.


Janice - August 17

Yeah same here exactly Im eight weeks too and feel the same exact way its absolutely horrible, Im almost to the point where Im scared to eat anything! :(


Meagan - August 18

I am a teacher too and luckily my main stage of feeling tired has happened over the summer. Something that helped me not feel so bad all day long was to switch my prenatal pill to the evening, right before going to bed. I have still felt tired but that doesn't seem to occur until around 6 or 7pm.



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