Feeling Sick When Stomach Empty At 12 1 2 Weeks

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Cookie - June 5

Hi everyone, i'm 29 turning 30 in a few months on my 3rd pregnancy 1st baby...I had a m/c 6 years ago and a chemical pregnancy in March (and got pregnant right away...oops)..12 1/2 weeks along now, and I never had real morning sickness, but now I'm getting sick if I don't eat every few hours, I'm not even hungry (in fact being sick is making me less hungry) but as soon as I eat I feel better...was wondering if anyone else was feeling anything similar...also having a horrible time sleeping, I seem to be up have the night...well not complaining just hoping these are all signs that my peanut is doing well...(seen the baby twice already, growing strong yeah!!!)...love to chat with anyone in the same time frame...Baby Dust :-))


Steff - June 6

Hi Cookie. I'm 25 and (one day short of) 11 weeks with 2nd pregnancy. I too have had a m/c. Mine was in Feb 2005 at 6/7 weeks. After the mc I went back on the pill and started trying again in February of this year. Didn't take long for me :) I am due Dec. 27th. I feel the same as you in regards to feeling sick. I have only actually thrown up once but I get nauseated a lot. It happens when I don't eat also. I try to munch on fruit throughout the day to keep my stomach from being empty. I will bee my baby for the first time next week. I think everything is great though. I had an hcg count done last week and it's at 166,230. That makes me happy. :)


Cookie - June 6

Hi Steff, that's great news about your hcgs...I had them done very early in the preg. to see if they were going up and more than doubled so they stopped...happy birthday tomorrow!!!! today I broke down and wore maternity clothes (but they are soo cute)...I was getting tired of looking fat in my fat clothes...are your clothes getting any tighter?


flower.momma - June 6

You sound like me. This is my second and I had the same problems with my daughter. I get so unstable and nauseous if I don't eat regularly, which is hard to remember with a toddler. If I don't eat I'll end up losing it and freaking out over the tiniest thing. Then when I eat, I'll be normal just a few minutes later. I'm also having truble sleeping. The minute my head hits the pillow my mind starts racing and I get stressed out. It takes me about 2 hours to fall asleep now. Don't worry about these normal, but annoying symptoms, it is all a sign that your body is doing everything it should to have a healthy baby.


Cookie - June 6

hi flower momma, thanks for the rea__surance...good to know i'm not going crazy, I am keeping crackers in my desk now when I start feeling funny...and it's really helped...and last night I got fed up with being awake so I had a bowl of cereal and watched t.v. for an hour...lol...kept me from getting irritated with myself tossing and turning...baby dust!!!


CrystalH - June 8

Hi Cookie. I’m 33 (getting very close to 34!) and I have the exact same thing. If I don't eat a small meal or snack every couple of hours I get really bad heartburn and get nauseated and sick (but I don't throw up). I also can't eat certain things or they make it worse! Some fruits and veggies really make it worse (which sucks because they are so good for you!). Water also makes it really bad so I’m still trying to figure out how to get enough water every day! I have to eat a few crackers, cereal or yogurt or something like that. I'll be 14 weeks on Sunday and have been like this for about the past 3 weeks. I had really bad m/s during the beginning but thankfully that is slowing down... but this whole empty stomach sickness seems to be getting worse!



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