Feeling The Baby Already

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flower.momma - May 17

OK, so I had a post earlier about being bigger than normal, and now, at 11 weeks, I swear I can feel the baby moving. I know that can't be happening this early, but, it is not the same feeling as gas. It is far forward and low, and it is like a little flip-flop feeling. It started last night and has been going on all day. Could I be farther along than I thought? Can the baby be felt this early? I felt my daughter at 15 weeks.


kristie h - May 17

hi, I have one son and when i was pregnant with him i was as far as you and i felt flutters too. The only way i could describe it was like a b___terfly flapping its wings. You could be further then what you think. Have you had any kids yet? If so i was told that youu feel the baby sooner the more pregnancy you have. Just enjoy it cause in 6 months you will wish you are there again. Good luck


amber508 - May 17

im preg w/ my 2nd child, have a 15 mo old daughter..... my obgyn said things will happen to me sooner since i have already been thru a pregnancy. So i will show sooner and fill the baby move sooner than i did with my dd.... so its common apparently. Congrats


kimholl28 - May 19

Never heard of someone feeling movement at 11 weeks, although the baby is very active now. I felt my second at 14 weeks which I thought was early too, really don't know.


kimholl28 - May 19

Sorry I forgot to say a friend of mine is 12 weeks right now and she swears she can feel it to.


flower.momma - May 19

Well, I am actually probably a week farther than I thought, making me 12.5 weeks. I had my first Dr. appt. yesterday and when I told them that I was feeling the baby, they said it was possible. And the timing is right too: after I eat, and then lay down.


San_dee - May 19

last night and today i have been feeling major movements, big thumps!?!?!?!? i dont understand, im 13wks now, i did get a bfp 6 days b4 my af was due so i knw i ovulated early but this is rediculous, ive had flutters for 2 wks before yesterday, im only 13wks today!!!! got a dr appt on monday so i will be asking some questions


flower.momma - May 20

You are not alnone. Last night we left my daughter with the sitter and went to see the DaVinci Code, all thru the movie the little guy kept wiggling. At first I was so skeptical, but now I've just decided to enjoy getting to know my baby so early on. There is nothing more rea__suring than feeling those movements. And hey, if it is gas, and I'm being hysterical, which I know I'm not, then at least I'm feeling this connection w/ my baby.


mandee25 - May 22

I am 14w 3d pregnant with my first child and I swear I have felt something fluttering in my lower stomach. It is definitely not gas because I have never felt this before. Alot of people say its too early but I know my body and it must be the early movements I am feeling as they are quite subtle and are the most frequent when I am sitting or lying down or after I eat.


CrystalH - May 23

Flower Momma: I am like you - I started showing around 6 weeks and swear I'm feeling the baby too! I am now 11 wks, 2 days. The first time I thought I felt the baby was Sunday when I was 11 wks. I felt little flutters and a push against my abdomen. I stopped dead in my tracks and just started at my belly! I didn't think you could feel the baby this early but my doc said it is possible - especially if you are on a 2nd (or more) pregnancy, are really showing and have a smaller frame (pre-pregnancy of course!). I am like you in that I am just going to enjoy it! I don't feel it a lot but when I do I know what it is and it puts the biggest grin on my face!


flower.momma - May 23

Yeah, I just went to my first Dr. appt. and the midwife said that it is definitely possible. I was thinking that I was crazy, because everyone else I talked to said it was impossible, and I guess I'm also probably about a week farther along than I thought, making me 13 weeks. Which feels like a big difference, even though I know its not.



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