Feeling The Baby Move At 11 5 Weeks

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redsonya - February 18

i am 11 weeks and 5 days. i swear i felt the babyb move last night and this morning. i know everyone is going to tell me that it was gas but i'm pretty sure i really felt the baby! this is my third pregnancy and i know wht it feels like to have a baby move inside of you. it wasn't like kicking or anything it flet like the baby was just moving around. has anyone else experienced this so early?


Tammy276 - February 18

even for your third pregnancy, 11 weeks is a bit early.....your baby is still so tiny and behind your pubic bone...


moescrilla - February 18

allot of the girls in the august forum claimed to have started feeling "popcorn popping" feelings around that time, so I think its possible, then again, it could have been a muscle spasm or something similar.


kristie h - February 18

Hi, i dont think you are crazy. When i was pregnant with my son i felt him move around 10-11 weeks. Like you said it wasnt kicking, mine was more like a b___terfly gentley falpping its wings inside me. I am now 10 weeks pregnant and i swear somtimes it feels as though somthing is b__wwing bubbles inside me.


javidsgirl - February 18

i started to get that popcorn feeling around 11.5 weeks it was the baby moving my ob confirmed and i don"t thik both the doctor and i can be crazy lol


DownbutnotOUT - February 18

this is my 5th pregnancy and I swore I felt movement around 10-11 weeks and I know I did. You are probably feeling your peanut move, take care


ChattyKathy - February 19

I hate when people try to tell me how I'm feeling. I've felt gas, I've also felt my baby move and REALLY early, too. You're experienced at this, you know what to expect! So all I have to say to you is congratulations!


taraleej - February 19

ChattyCathy I agree...theres a baby growing inside of you so if you feel movement then thats probably what it is...i hate when people say no way its gas...why cant it be the baby i mean its swimming around in there..i feel it as well and i also know what its like to feel a baby...im 13 weeks and when i lay on my back i can feel him/her!!!



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