Feeling Very BLAH

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preggosauce - December 31

I'm now just over 9 weeks preggo. I know that feeling icky is a part of the first trimester. This is my 2nd pregnancy, so I thought I was ready for the challenging first 14 weeks. However, I feel like I want to crawl out of my own skin!! I can't STAND the way I'm feeling. I have a constant feeling of nausea. NOTHING sounds good to eat, yet if I don't eat I feel even more sick and dry heave or what is in my tummy comes up (sorry if this is TMI). I've also had a nagging chest cold for the past 6 Freakin' weeks! (I'm going to try to get into the Dr. tomorrow). Plus, I'm SOOOO tired. All I want to do is sleep all day. Its like I have the flu that just won't go away. Sorry ladies, I hate people who complain, but I just feel so c__ppy I thought it might make me feel a LITTLE better if I chatted about it with people who would understand what I'm going through :). Thanks for listening.


abcxyz - December 31

hey, I am just over 9 weeks too. I totally relate with how you feel. I feel the exact same way. I hate all food, at the same time feel terrible if I dont eat. I am constantly hungry. So I have to keep cooking three meals a day, and end up having no energy to clean.....seeing a messy kitchen makes me want to throw up. first trimester is terrible!! I am having an untrasound tomorrow, so may be that'll perk me up.


Mari26me - December 31

Hey preggo, I can totallly understand how you feel. I am 10 weeks along and have been really sick since 6 weeks. I feel sick 24/7, I am so tired and no energy. I went on medication because my sickness was so bad, but it barely works. I still throw up alot. The thought of food makes me sick too, but if I do not eat my sickness gets really bad. I have no enerygy to clean my kitchen either! I have heard this is morning sickness is supposed to let up my 12-14 weeks, so hopefully we we all be feeling better soon. I cannot wait to finally start enjoying my pregnancy,


softbreeze200 - December 31

Yup...I hear your pain gals!!! My husband has nicknamed me "the sloth" because that is how I feel all day and night. I dont want to do anything and feel so nauseas all day. Then I will feel hungry for something specific and he will make it for me and by the time it is ready, I dont have any intrest in it anymore. Thankfully he is awsome and understands(or at least doesnt take it personally!!) but I too am 9 weeks and just waiting to start feeling a bit more alive again. We just need to hang in there I guess - the end outcome is so worth it.!! Congrats to you al!!


lauralockwood - December 31

I don't feel sick (which scares me), just VERY tired at 6wks 2days. I feel BLAH today too. just want to crawl in bed, and cry myself to sleep! HA HA! We are all so emotional! Can't wait to get past the first trimester with nothing wrong. Hang in there, and I love this board, gives me a little piece of mind.


preggosauce - December 31

Hey ladies. Thanks so much for your responses. It stinks that you all feel icky too, but it IS nice to know that there are people out there who understand what I'm going through. I made it to the DR. today and found out that I have a bad case of Bronchitis. BLAH. So, Doc put me on some antibotics. I hate taking meds while pregnant but I HAVE to get better. I can't wait to hit that 14 week mark...Last pregnancy I felt golden during the 2nd and 3rd trimester. Well, Happy New Year and Cheers to all our 2008 babies!


nola-gal - December 31

i was right there with you, hon. i am now almost 12 weeks and feeling MUCH better. hang in there and take it easy!



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