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Tuckerfury - February 15

My wife and I rented a fetal doppler this week and tried it for the first time yesterday. She is about 13 weeks and we haven't had our first OB appointment yet. We were unable to find the heartbeat last night after trying for the first time and I'm a little nervouse. She is showing all the signs of being pregnant and has had 5 positive test over the last few months to reasure herself. Are there any tips that anyone has at finding the heartbeat at this stage ? Thanks in advance.


aliciavr6 - February 15

Her dates could be off, my doctor couldn't even find my babies heartbeat at 11 weeks, and it wasn't very easy to find til much later.


javidsgirl - February 15

.fetaldopplerfacts.org/facts/dopplers/fetal-doppler-use.php this site might help you out but honestly the baby"s heart isn"t usualy 100% audiable untill 14 weeks


Kerry5 - February 15

Tucker, I just went into the doctor's office on Monday (I'm twelve weeks now) and the dr could not find the heartbeat. She did an ultrasound just to make sure everything was okay and when the u/s came up the baby was moving all over the place. She said that was the reason she couldn't find the heartbeat, the little one was moving all over the place. At this stage they move when the uterus is prodded. I understand how it can make you extremely nervous.


Tuckerfury - February 15

Thank you very much. I feel a lot better hearing that. We tried for over five years to get pregnant so everything is freaking me out . This is my little miracle baby.


Tammy276 - February 15

I'm sure everything is fine...It can be difficult to find the HB when using a home doppler.......A tip that might be helpful is that the baby is still down very low, behind or just starting to rise above the pubic bone so when you are checking for the HB, go directly below the belly b___ton a few inches down and point the doppler at an angle going downwards, so it can reach underneath the pubic bone.....a lot of times you will find it a bit to the right, so make sure you move the doppler very slowly otherwise it can be very easy to miss.



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