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wv_red - October 31

Any of you ladies concidering renting a fetal doppler????


ChattyKathy - October 31

I am. I had a missed m/c that wasn't found until 17 weeks, so I am definitely going to monitor my little one. I know several people who have used them and their little ones are doing just fine, so I don't buy into all the hype against them. I think people I know used BellyBeats, but there is also BabyBeat and TummyTickle that sells dopplers for a good price. Do you have any that you've been looking at?


wv_red - October 31

Hey Chatty Kathy... wow I just got on here and seen you responded, thank you. Yeah I was thinking about the baby beats because you can do the month to month. I too had a missed m/c and I dont want that to happen again at all either. I have heard so much negitive stuff about it from other women ( not on this forum) but I want a piece of mind all the time,lol. Besides all my family is on the other side of the U.S. practically so it would be cool to email the h/b to them. When are you planning on getting one? And how do you go about asking the doc about the script for it? Thanks


wv_red - October 31

Oops one more question... which one are you thinking of using?


Gemini_Girl - November 3

Hey you can buy them cheap from ebay, mines is by angel sounds, not top of the range or anything but was brand new, quite cheap and does the trick, although I bought it at week 11 and thought i could hear the heart beat, it wasnt until my doc listened at my 16wk antenatal app when my BF and I realised Id actually been listening to my own lol (even away down there) but ever since I known what to listen for, it has been a great help and really re-a__suring :)


ChattyKathy - November 3

I am now 10 weeks so I plan on ordering it asap. I'm not sure which place I plan on ordering it from, but most sites will let you rent it month to month. I'll let you know when I figure out which one I'm going to get! lol and like Gemini pointed out, you need to make sure that you're listening to the BABIES heartbeat. It'll be really fast. Make sure you check your own pulse when you think you hear it. I'm going to get one that displays the beats per minute so I know when I've got it and can monitor whether or not thats a good range.


anfmom - November 3

I am renting one tonight! I might take a look at ebay first. I want one that has the heart rate on it. im so afraid of another m/c



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