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stefkay - November 28

hi, I've posted on the 3rd and 2nd tri boards about dopplers and am getting nothing. I figured it was probably too early for the most part for many on here to get one, but have any of you rented or purchased a doppler? If so, what brand is the best? or--did you like the one you got? I'm trying to find the most sensitive one I can...


preggosauce - November 28

Hi! I rented one from Bellybeats.com I think it was. I loved it. I think I was first able to hear the heart beat at around 12 weeks. think I'll probably rent one again this time around. :)


hioannidis - November 29

Hi Stefkay, I'm using one right now, I rented it from TUMMYTICKLES.COM I got it last week when I was 10 weeks, I heard the baby's heartbeat no problem, now I'm 11 weeks 4 days. During my 10th week I would drink water to fill my bladder (it lifts your uterus so that you can find the heartbeat better) this week I'm finding I don't need the water. It's the best thing I ever did. The unit from TummyTickles has a digital read out and everything. The one they send you is exactly as shown on their website. Hope this helps.


stefkay - November 29

Cool! thanks guys! Yeah, it's hard finding something that is good, really sensitive, and not a fortune. Most seem to be about $45 per month. I'm afraid if I get one much lower than that I'll end up being disappointed when it comes...Anyways, I'll be 9 weeks on Sunday and I've heard of a few women getting the hb on a doppler between 8-9 weeks. Can you tell I'm impatient or what???


preggosauce - November 29

If I remember right, I believe the one I rented was only 25.00 a month. It was REALLY good. The only thing it didn't have was the LCD display of the heart beats per minute.


Faye84 - November 29

all of babybeats dopplars are good you can "rent to own" the dopplar. personally i wouldnt reccomend it just because if you cant find the heartbeat you go insane until you are able to get it.



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