Fetal Heart Rate

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Sid - March 30

Hello: My wife is 9 weeks pregnant. This will be our second child. We had a daughter almost two years ago. At the 8 week ultrasound the doc said that everything looked good. The baby's heart rate was 183 beats per minute. I was wondering what the normal range for heart rate should be for our baby at this stage. It just seemed a bit high to me compared to the heart rate of our daughter two years ago. Anyone have any similar numbers? Thanks


Silvie - March 31

Hi,Sid,I would not be concerned it this case. There is something to worry about when HB is too low. Babys heart can simply beat faster due to changes in mommy, if she is under stress, is worried,...chemicals as nor/epinephrin in her blood affect directly babys heart. This is normal stress reactoin, I am sure yr baby is just fine.Enjoy yr second child coming!


lisa - March 31

HI sid, I've read of a lot people in my group (10-11w) have HBs in the 180s.. My baby's HB was 180 at 10w2d and I also was concerned but OB was not.. DH also pointed out that the baby was doing multiple flips in a row so the HB was probably high since we measured after that.. No matter what - dr was not least bit worried.. was your baby moving? Also- I checked the HB with fetal doppler (at home) and the rate was lower.. it really fluctuates..


js - March 31

I think it's fine. My baby's heart rate was 180 at 9w 6d, and they told me everything was great. I think I strong heartbeat is a good thing. Good luck to you and your wife.


KKK - March 31

Hello Sid, I am same as you. this is my second and we had daughter almost 2 and half year ago. When is due date for you? My is 10/30 or 11/01. We went for u/s on my 8th week and our baby was 176 beats per min. my doc said it's strong hart bit but nothing to worry. Good luck


Christina - March 31

I went in at 7w1d and the heart beat was 137, the doctor said he likes to see it in the range of 120-160. From what everyone else has seen is this a good rate?


Stephanie - March 31

Hi Sid at my 7wk 6day u/s heartbeat was 187 and then at 11 wks 6 days the dobbler read 156. Heartbeats will change often during pregnancy and never very steady. I Questioned the nurse and she was very nice to explain that "babies try to find their heartbeats."


Heather - May 1

From what I've been reading, the levels stay 'high' (around 160-180) until around 20 weeks. You are probably remembering the heart rate from the first pregnancy's later date. I am at 10 weeks right now, and heart rate is around 178 for both my babies.



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