Fighting With Husband

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Frustrated - May 24

Is anyone having terrible fights with their husband/boyfriend/partner? My husband and I are having awful fights. Of course, I feel like it is all his fault. He acts like I care more about the pregnancy than him. And, he is becoming VERY hateful and saying mean things. What should I do?


dani - May 24

First of, you shouldn't be having this stress while your pregnant. Second, you need to have a talk with your hubby and try to explain to him what's going on. Caring a baby is never easy for us women and some men seem to think it's all fun & games for us. Lastly, I really hope you & your hubby resolve the issues for your sake and the babies sake. It's very unhealthy for the baby to be around stress or people that are stressing you out. Good luck!


jena - May 24

i don't, but someone gave me good advise when I announced my pregnancy recently: he said, "tell your husband that he needs to be understanding because you will be VERY irrational and it's easy for us guys to fight back, but I finally learned with our 3rd pregnancy that it's just hormones talking and to try and understand her". It's likely that your husband just doesn't understand that you are hormonal and may not make sense sometimes - but the important thing is that you feel like you make sense, so he needs to understand that. mean words are not okay because as dani said, you don't need stress. he just needs an explanation. good luck!!


hey - May 24

It could be your hormones. When I was pregnant, I cried at a drop of a dime. Sometime men don't understand that. You are more emotional now than before pregnancy. Stress is not good for a pregnant women. You need to relax and explain that to your husband....Another reson is your husband could be jealous. maybe he is feeling second right now. Try to have some personal time with your husband. Go out for a night without pregnancy talk. Let him know how important he is to you. Then try to tell him how the hateful and mean things he say is hurting you. Sometime people don't know until you tell them. Never wait until everything builds up. May sure you say something when the comments are made. That way, you won't be caring your anger with you......I have been where you at. Sometimes it hurt so much. If makes you wonder if your husband loves you. He loves you. He just don't know how to handle the stress of pregnancy. Remember, this is new to him too. Smile and keep your head up........Good Luck!!



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