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mommybabyboy21 - February 3

Hey everyone, I found this web site and did the test IT WAS RIGHT!!!...I am now 22 weeks pregnant and ...the test said a BOY!!! and at my u/s two weeks ago I saw his winky so I know its still a boy. But this gentetic test works and you take it at home!!!! go to genetree(dot)com don't forget the w's.


MNMOM - February 5

how did this work?? You paid for a kit and had to send it in to the lab and wait??


flipthea - February 5

Cool! I can't wait to try it.....I'm 11 weeks pregnant!


Amber #2 - February 5

MNMOM - I believe that is how it works...or at least that is what I understood from the website. I was all excited and wanting to do it until I saw that it costs $250.00. I'll just save the money and wait 2 more months until I can have a FREE ultrasound to tell me the s_x of the baby! It's a neat idea, but my husband would NEVER go for me spending that kind of money to find out when we're going to find out down the road anyways!


MNMOM - February 5

I agree. I can wait. I am finding out next week on Valentines Day anyway!!!!!


Kime - February 5

Well i am going to find out on Valentines day too. So i would just wait. plus if your going to spend 250.00 on that you might as well spend that money on a 3d/4d sono and see the baby up close and take home a keepsake dvd of the whole thing.....


little.momma - February 5

there is an easierway that is free i dont know the web address but if you look under chinese predictions it will come up with it and will show you boy or girl depending on when you concieved i have checked on both my pregnancies and it has been right both times


MNMOM - February 5

littlemomma: I have checked out the Chinese calendar and it says girl for me. Can't wait to see if it is right. It was right with my son and also right for 2 or my friends.


tyler0323 - February 5

chinese calender was wrong for me for my daughter and for the one im pregnant with now. I wouldnt be spending 250 bucks on sending a test out to a lab, when you can wait untill 20 week u/s and find out for nothing, or spend 200 on the 3d u/s and have a video and pictures to have for a keep sake. i wouldnt waste money on this gene tree.


moescrilla - February 5

or, you can go to and pay 35 dollars. Its a urine test and its 90 percent accurate. It tests certain elements of the urine (hcg levels, etc) I bought it last night, so It should be here in a few days


punkyn - February 5

you know what it sounds like someone just trying to make some money for all we know . MOMMYBABYBOY21 probably isnt a woman but a man trying to pray and sucker pregnant women into their scam.


preggoplease - February 5



jessicaspatherapist - February 5

ladies....there was a huge article in the San Diego Union Tribune a couple of weeks back about how this company has been sued more times than the press can count and there is a huge cla__s action suit against them. the article said that the kit is right 50% of the time....just as any wives tale and that the chinese prediction chart was actually more acurate. just an fyi before you spend $250.


MNMOM - February 5

jessicaspatherapist: What you just said is exactly what I think. It's a scam! That aside, it's good to see you still posting around here now and again! How is newlywed life treating you?? And how far along are you now???


preggoplease - February 5

Well I'm not doing the $250 one, I am doing the $35 one. I don't care if I pay and waste $35, its still fun. But yeah I agree I would never waste $250 on a test like that.


flipthea - February 5

I just saw the [rice and whoa! 250 dollars! My husband would never go for that....I think I'd rather spend that on a crib! I might try the chinese calendar.


grace2 - February 5

This post is definately an advertisment!! I've noticed many ads like these popping up in some pretty clever places.



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